Hollow Knight Bosses Locations Guide – Where To Find, Rewards

In this Hollow Knight Bosses Locations Guide, we will guide you on different bosses encountered in Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight features tons of unique bosses that you will be required to fight and defeat to complete the game. The sheer amount of bosses in the game and the much harder difficulty makes this game a solid Dark Souls contender.

We have detailed all the bosses in our Hollow Knight Bosses Locations Guide so that you can view vital information about them and know where to find them and what will you get for defeating them. Since each boss is unique, you must know their strengths and weaknesses if you want to take them down and our Hollow Knight Bosses Locations Guide takes care of that.

Hollow Knight Bosses Locations

Our Hollow Knight Bosses Locations Guide details the locations and other important information about all the bosses found in Hollow Knight.

Broken Vessel

Broken Vessel is a shattered corpse who has been brought back to life by infected parasites. You will find Broken Vessel Ancient Basin. It has 525 HP. Upon defeating it you will get Monarch Wings as a reward.

Brooding Mawlek

Hollow Knight is a very ferocious creature. It is also a social creature but it can be aggressive if it unable to adjust with other creatures of its own species. You can find it in either Forgotten Crossroads or Trial of the Fool. It has 300 HP and it gives Mask Shard as a reward.

Crystal Guardian

The Crystal Guardian is a heavyset miner based in Crystal Peak who has been overcome by a crystal growth. It can fire blazing light beams at its enemies from its crystalized limbs making it the primary attack. You will find it in the Crystal Peak.

Depending on the encounter, it will have 280 HP for the first encounter and 450 HP for the second encounter. Rewards vary with encounter as well with first encounter defeat granting 385 and second encounter granting 550.

Dung Defender

The Dung Defender is a huge beetle boss who is a skilled warrior underneath. It attacks its enemies with balls of compacted dung and hence boasts a decent attack range. It is found in Royal Waterways, which serve as its home. It has 700 HP and rewards you with Defender’s Crest upon defeat.

False Knight

False Knight is a huge maggot and looks terrifying holding a giant bolder attached to a stick as a weapon. It also has a strong armored shell, which is rumored to be stolen from another creature. You will encounter it at the Forgotten Crossroads. Its body features different HP. The main body has 65 HP while the head has its own HP of 40. Defeat it to earn the City Crest.


The Flukemarm keeps its young inside it so it is mostly filled with its own babies. It also reproduces at an alarming rate. You will encounter it inside Royal Waterways, which are filled with smaller versions or babies of this Flukemarm. It has 350 HP and it gives you Flukenest as a reward when you defeat it.

God Tamer

God tamer excels at training other creatures and will always be found fighting next to them. She is also a veteran warrior herself belonging to the Colosseum of Fools. You encounter her during the Trial of the Fool where she will be present with her trained creature. Her mount has 450 HP while she has 600 HP.

Gruz Mother

Gruz Mother has no chill and it attacks by hurling her body at the enemies. This is even stranger as it carries her babies in its belly. She can also charge to attack. You can encounter it at two places. If you encounter it at Forgotten Roads, it will has 90 HP and give you 50 Geos as reward. If you encounter it at Colosseum of Fools during the Trial of Warrior, it will have 120 HP.

The Hollow Knight

The Hollow Knight contains the plague’s heart inside its body and is the fully-grown vessel. It is encountered in the Temple of the Black Egg. It has 1000 HP and comes with four phases of boss fight. Each phase will be unique and The Hollow Knight will change its move set.


Hornet is equipped with a needle and thread and does hesitate to kill anyone foolish enough to storm the Hallownest’s Ruins which it protects. You will encounter it in different places such as Greenpath, Cast-Off Shell, City of Tears, The Abyss, Beast’s Den or Temple of the Black Egg.

It has 225 HP during the first encounter and 700 health during the second encounter. It can give you one of the two rewards associated with it. It could give you Mothwing Cloak or King’s Brand.

Mantis Lords

Mantis Lords is a combination of three leaders of the Mantis tribe. They are extremely quick and they are equipped with nail-lances. They are exceptionally good warriors. They are present in the Mantis Village. During the boss fight, they will have 210 HP during the first phase and 160+160 HP for the second phase. They can drop any one of these items as a reward, Mark of Pride, Hallownest Seal or 620 Geos.


Nosk is a deceiving boss because it can mimic the shape of different creatures to lure unsuspecting enemies to its lair. In its lair, it then devours them without any remorse. It is found in Deepnest. It has 680 HP and rewards you with Pale Ore.

Soul Master

Found in Soul Sanctum, the Soul Master is the head of the Soul Sanctum. It hoards the souls of other creatures in order to stave off Hallownest’s affliction. He has 275 HP for the first phase and 110 HP for the second phase. Rewards you with Desolate Dive when you defeat it.

The Collector

The Collector is locked inside the Tower of Love where it loves to collect and preserve different creatures. He specially loves Grubs but also preserves other Hallownest’s creatures. His location is the Tower of Love and it never leaves it. He has 750 HP and drops Collector’s Map as a reward when defeated.

The Radiance

The Radiance is found in Temple of the Black Egg. It boasts massive health of 1,700 HP. It is considered as the forgotten light. It comes with a large move set which is used during the boss fight.

Traitor Lord

The deposed Traitor Lord used to be a Lord of the Mantis tribe until it turned dark. It embraced infection and turned sour to his sisters and his tribe. He is found in Queen’s Gardens. He has 800 HP and drops White Lady as a reward.


Uumuu resembles a jellyfish but it is a very intelligent being who is responsible for guarding the inner chamber of Teacher’s Archives. It is always found there. It has 300 HP and rewards the player with Monomon the Teacher.

Watcher Knight

This is actually a discarded shell of a Watcher Knight, which has been brought back to life by a swarm of infected flies. Comes equipped with a sword and does rolling attacks as well. It is found in Watcher’s Spire. It has 1320 HP. It can reward the player with either 650 Geos, Hallownest Seal or Lurien the Watcher.

Elder Hu

Elder Hu is nothing more than a lingering dream of a fallen warrior. It has travelled around the world trying to help the infected. It is found in Fungul Wastes and has 200 or 650 HP. It rewards with 100 essence,


Galien is yet another lingering dream of a fallen warrior. It however, wants to become a Knight and has been trained in the wilds surrounding the kingdom. It is found in Deepnest. It has 200 or 650 HP and rewards 200 essence when killed.


Another dream of a fallen warrior which is a mysterious life form and contains all the knowledge of the world in its brain. You will find it in the Howling Cliffs and it has 200 or 570 HP. It rewards with 100 essence.


Markoth is the last remaining fighting member of his forgotten tribe and is a lingering dream of a fallen warrior. He is found in Kingdom’s Edge. He can have 200 or 705 Hp. Reward for defeating him is 250 essence.


Another lingering dream of a fallen warrior who also happens to be the protector of Queen’s Gardens. You will find it in Queen’s Gardens with either 200 or 570 HP. It rewards with 150 essence.

No Eyes

No Eyes disappeared during the plague yet it is another lingering dream of a fallen warrior. It is found in Greenpath and has 200 or 570 HP. No Eyes rewards 200 essence when defeated.


Xero was executed for crimes against the king but now remains back in the world as a lingering dream of a fallen warrior. It is found in Resting Grounds. It will have 200 or 570 HP and rewards 100 essence when defeated.

Failed Champion

Failed Champion is encountered in Forgotten Crossroads. Its body has 360 HP while the head has separate HP of 40. Kill it to get 300 essence.

Lost Kin

Lost Kin is found in the ancient basin. It has 1200 HP and rewards 400 essence when defeated.

Soul Tyrant

It is found in Soul Sanctum. It will have 900 HP during the first phase of the boss fight and 350 HP during the second phase of the fight. Kill it to receive 300 essence.

Grey Prince Zote

Every time he is defeated, he becomes much stronger. He is now a remaining figment of an obsessed mind and nothing else. He is located in Dirtmouth and comes with 1,200 or 1,500 HP. Kill it to get 300 essence.

White Defender

White Defender is only a figured remain of a fondly remembered past. It also becomes stronger after every defeat. It is present in Royal Waterways. It has 1600 HP and grants 300 essence as a reward when slain.


Grimm is the master of the Grimm Troupe and is located in Dirtmouth. He comes with 800 or 1000 HP. Kill it to receive either Notch or Grimmchild Level 3.

Nightmare King

Nightmare King is a twisted specter of a scarlet flame. He excels at fire attacks and is found in Dirtmouth. He has 1500 HP and rewards you with Grimmchild Level 4 when defeated.

Hive Knight

Hive Knight protects Hive’s Queen with its life and is a ferocious fighter although it cannot fly. It is found in The Hive where it comes with 800 HP. Defeat it to earn Hiveblood as a reward.

This concludes our Hollow Knight Bosses Locations Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!