A New Overwatch Hero Has Probably Been Teased?

It seems like Blizzard likes to have fun teasing fans, or perhaps fans have fun being teased, it’s one way or the other. Whatever may be the case, it seems like Blizzard just might have teased a new Overwatch Hero, in its latest six-second video.

Since its a possibility, there is a chance that it could be something else as well. Considering the fact that, this latest teaser does not quite reveal anything, so it is not clear whether we are getting a new hero, or perhaps a map or entirely different thing.

Bearing all that in mind it seems pretty obvious after viewing this small teaser, that it is probably going to be a new hero. You can see in the video, a back street where a boulder, rolls by in a brief fragment of time.

From the looks of it, this boulder seems to be just another boulder and nothing else, but if you look closely you would see small lights on it and apparently, it seems to be armored. Provided these speculations turn out to be true, then these abilities seem to point out towards a New Overwatch Hero.

As soon as this tease was posted on the official Twitter account of Overwatch, fans initiated the inevitable thought process. Various speculations have been made, thus far most of the fans have their bets on the new hero to be Hammond.

Hammond is an animal who was also experimented when Winston was, and since his whereabouts have been listed as unknown, it definitely seems a safe bet. As for the rolling part, a gigantic hero rolling down would definitely crush everything in its path.

Still it would be too early to predict anything, hopefully Blizzard will be rolling out more interesting details soon enough.

With all that said, Overwatch at the moment has 27 characters among which the latest one being Brigitte Lindholm. Brigitte as you may be aware, is a support hero who is capable of healing the team members, stunning memories and equipping a barrier shield.

Let’s hope Blizzard has a different kind of a new hero this time. That said, what are your thoughts about this recent tease? Let us know in the comments below.