Microsoft Announced New Xbox Adaptive Controller, Brings Accessibility For Gamers

Recently, a leak made its way on the internet suggesting that Microsoft is working on a new Xbox controller for accessibility and now the company has officially announced the new Xbox Adaptive controller which brings accessibility for all players.

The Xbox Adaptive controller aims to bring accessibility for all gamers especially for those who are not able to use the traditional controller by allowing for connection between different buttons and joystick as the controller is highly customizable and the level of customization for this Xbox adaptive controller is quite impressive.

The controller features a USB-C port along with nineteen 3.5 mm ports which basically represent Xbox gamepad’s button. With the help of these ports, the user will be able to attach various devices such as large buttons, air-powered input and more. Not only that, all of this can be done while being in-game.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will be priced at $100 and will be available later this year. Microsoft took feedback from various foundations and hospitals such as AbleGamers, Craig Hospital, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and Warfighter Engaged.

This is a great effort on Microsoft’s part which will encourage other console manufacturers to do something similar.

Speaking of Xbox, during the recent earnings call, EA revealed its sales predictions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and according to EA, Xbox One sales are shy of 30 million.

However, Microsoft has refuted the predictions and has stated that EA’s Xbox One sales “projections are inaccurate”. While the company refrained itself from revealing the actual sales figures but reiterated that “engagement is its measure of progress” and also revealed some stats for its live service.

Furthermore, Microsoft might be working on the next Xbox as a job listing has emerged suggesting that Microsoft is working on the next Xbox that might feature a new type of DRAM and GDDR6 as the main memory.

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Source: Microsoft