God of War Labors Guide

Labors offer you a ton of optional content in God of War. There are literally dozens of different things you can do, and chances are that you will not be able to even comprehend everything, so this God of War Labors Guide is here to help you.

Our GoW Labors Guide will tell you all about the different labors content that is available in the game and guide you through it so that you can get the rewards that it offers.

God of War Labors

Let’s get right into it. You can upgrade your Leviathan Axe if you are able to find Frozen Flames. You can get a reward of 3290 XP if you can upgrade your axe by taking the Frozen Flames to Brok or Sindri.

In order to get the Frozen Flames, Defeat the Ogre on Foothills and then defeat both Jarn Fotr in Heart of the Mountain and Magni and Modi at Thamur’s Corpse.

Once you have done that, purchase Frozen Flames from the shop at Nilfheim for 5000 Mist Echoes.

Chaos Flames can be acquired in order to upgrade your Blades of Chaos. Once you defeat Mattugr Helson in Helheim, you have to defeat the Trolls in Tyr’s Vault (collect the Black Rune Stone before that) and then defeat the Hel-Traveler. This will allow you to purchase Chaos Flames from the shop at Muspelheim.

Crafting Armor Labors

Chaos and Conflagration
Your goal is to Collect Flames of Chaos to upgrade blades of chaos. To collect valuable materials you have to defeat troll and you will be rewarded with 3500 XP for that.

Hearts of Stone
Your goal is to get the heart of an Ancient and bring it to Sindri and Brok. You will continue to encounter some Ancients throughout the story. You will be rewarded with an Ancient armor set recipe and 350 XP.

Justice and War
Your goal is to Craft Tyr’s armor. For this find ghosts at the lake of nine and defeat them to receive an offering. Take it to Sindri or Brok. The reward for completing this is 350 XP.

Leviathan Awakens
Your goal is to Collect Frozen Flames and upgrade Leviathan Axe. You can defeat trolls to get useful materials. The reward for doing this is 3,500 XP.

The Road Less Travelled
Your goal is to Craft Traveler armor set. You have to defeat the Traveler and go to Sindri or Brok with Traveler Armor shards. The reward for completing this is the Traveler armor set recipe and 350 XP.

Labor Skills

Get the following Labors by completing certain objectives.

Labor How to Get Bronze Goal (XP) Silver Goal (XP) Gold Goal (XP)
Judgment of Fire You need to light enemies on fire and then kill them. 250 750 3500
Shatterer Freeze enemies with your axe and then shatter them by attacking them. 250 750 3500
Summoner Summon an ally and use him/her. 250 750 3500
Against the Wall Throw an axe at an enemy close to a wall to pin them there. 250 750 3500
Quick Reflexes Parry an attack. 250 750 3500
Reaper Cleave an enemy by holding R2 when holding your axe. 250 750 3500
Touch of Death Press R3 when enemies are stunned to stun grab them. 250 750 3500
Talisman Tinkerer Use your talisman ability by pressing R1 and Circle. 250 750 3500
Last One Standing Trip small enemies by throwing your axe at their legs. 250 750 3500


Get the following Labors by killing certain enemies.


Labor Enemy Type Bronze Goal (XP) Silver Goal (XP) Gold Goal (XP)
Last of the Ancients Ancients 250 750 3500
Dark Elves’ Downfall Dark Elves 250 750 3500
Draugr’s Demise Draugr 250 750 3500
Nightmare’s Wake Nightmares 250 750 3500
Ogre’s Undoing Ogres 250 750 3500
Reaver’s Doom Reavers 250 750 3500
Revenant’s Ruin Revenants 250 750 3500
ShadowWarrior Shadows 250 750 3500
Wurm-Slayer Tatzelwurms 250 750 3500
Travelers’ End Travelers 250 750 3500
Troll’s Toll Trolls 250 750 3500
VikenBrawler Vikens 250 750 3500
Wolf’s Bane Wolves 250 750 3500
Wail of the Wulver Wulvers 250 750 3500
Wages of War All enemies 2500 5000 10000


Here are all of the other Labours that can be found in God of War 4.

Hidden Chambers
There are many different locked doors that can be found in the realms, these Hidden Chambers have their own guide and you can visit it by heading over to the page.

Close Realm Tears
These Realm Tears can be seen in the form of blue blobs. You will need to defeat the monsters that come out of them in order to close them.

Closing these tears will also give you various different rewards including the Legendary Resource known as Dust of Realms. We have already covered these Realm Tears in our God of War Realm Tears Guide.

The Eyes of Odin
You also need to find 51 different Ravens in the entire world of God of War. These have also been covered in our God of War Ravens Guide. Remember to use their sound to find them, as they can be a little difficult to locate visually.

Light of the World
You need to light up eight different braziers around the Lake of Nine. Atreus has to translate the runes that are written on each of them and you will need to collect the Language Ciphers for Atreus to be able to translate the rest.

You will be able to climb most of the towers, but for some of them, you will need to find another way to the top of them.

Mountain High
You have to climb the volcano and get to the top of Muspelheim. The reward for completing this is 1880 XP.

You can free 3 chained Dragons near Midgard. There is a favor for each of these dragons which will be activated when you go near them. Free them by breaking their chains to complete this Labor. You can check out our Dragons Guide for more help.

More Than Myth
Finding a Jotnar Shrine will complete this Labor. There are a total of 11 different Jotnar Shrines that you can find.

That is all we have for our God of War Labors Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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