God of War Yggdrasil Dew Locations Guide – Where To Find, Increase Kratos’ Stats

Our God of War Guide will allow you to collect all the Yggdrasil Dew collectibles wherever they are located. Find about these locations in our God of War Yggdrasil Dew Locations Guide and level up your stats to make Kratos a force to be reckoned with – even more so.

God of War Yggdrasil Dew

Yggdrasil Dew Drops are magical drops of dew that comes straight from the World Tree (quite a big deal). If you are able to consume one, you can level up a stat of your choosing indefinitely. This is much faster than progressing in the game until eventually, you level up your attributes. Almost all these collectibles can be found near the Lake Area in Midgard.

Dew of Cooldown
The first one is during the early part of the game where you will have to row your boat during one of the missions in Alfheim. Distinguished by its blue glow, the first Dew of Cooldown will be hanging off a wooden branch. It will help you level up your Cooldown stat. The next one will be near the island with the Elf Outpost. Heading northeast of it, as you row your boat in the lake, you will find one to boost your Cooldown stat.

Dew of Strength
You will find it next to the Alfheim Tower while rowing the boat in Lake of the Nine. This will be after the water level has dropped in the region. Collect it from nearby the statues. This will upgrade Kratos’ Strength stat. For the next one, row southeast of the Lake near the dead giant. Grab the dew near docks at the Cliffs of Raven. The last Dew of Strength is located southwest of the Lake behind the Niflheim Tower. Look for it below the destroyed ship.

Dew of Vitality
The first one will be located southeast of the island i.e. the Isle of Death. You can find this particular dew on a rock. The next one will be found on a cliff. Head west of the island to climb this cliff and grab the dew to boost your stat of Health/Vitality.

Dew of Luck
Heading to Buri’s Storeroom in Lake of the Nine region, you will find the first Dew of Luck near the giant gates at Stonefall. For the next one, steer your boat to the northwest of the river and head north of the Forgotten Caverns. You need to enter the cave which has basalt rocks at its entrance and grab the dew which will boost your Luck stat.

Dew of Defense
South of the lake, you will be required to move near the docks Muspelheim Tower. The dew will be hanging from some entangled roots. Remember the cave above with the luck stat? You need to head north of that to find the dew. Your Defense attribute will receive a permanent boost.

Dew of Runic Power
You need to head to the coast of the Iron Cove southwest of the Lake of the Nine to grab the Runic Power.

We are in the midst of our God of War adventure, so our God of War Yggdrasil Dew Guide may not be complete with all Dews for stat boosts. If you have found one, let us know in the comments below! We will update the page as soon as you/we discover the locations of more.

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