Where To Find All Ni No Kuni 2 Tainted Monsters

Ni No Kuni is full of side quests and challenges that will keep you busy for hours after completing the main story. One of these challenges are many Tainted Monsters found roaming around the world of Ni No Kuni 2. These Ni No Kuni 2 Tainted Monsters offer a great challenge and are a great source of earning experience.

These Tainted Monsters are found all over the world so you will have to go out there and find their locations. To make things easier for you, we have curated this Ni No Kuni 2 Tainted Monsters Guide in which we have detailed the location of all the Tainted Monsters. You can follow these directions to find them and slay them easily to complete your list of Tainted Monsters in Ni No Kuni 2.

Where To Find Ni No Kuni 2 Tainted Monsters

In the world of Ni No Kuni 2, there are many giant Tainted Monsters roaming around that you can kill if you think you can conquer them all. There are 60 Tainted Monsters in total and the last 10 only spawn once the first 50 Tainted Monster have been slain. These Tainted Monsters are not at all easy to kill but we have some tricks and tricks for you, which will help you, slay these monsters with ease.

Some of these Tainted Monsters are part of side quests so if you are planning to complete all side quests, you will also have to kill a large number of these Tainted Monsters. Apart from being difficult to defeat, these Tainted Monsters are totally worth the effort. You will get awesome loot with a lot of XP and some very rare items that only drop from specific Tainted Monsters.

Before we start on the locations of these Tainted Monsters, there are some tips and tricks that you should know before heading to slay your first Tainted Monster. Keep in mind that these Tainted Monsters are the hardest enemy you will encounter in the entire game so you must go fully prepared to take them down.

You must match their level if you want to defeat them. Forget defeating them with a lower level. On the contrary, we recommend that you must be a few levels higher than the monster to defeat it easily rather than simply matching the level. Before going to a battle with a Tainted Monster, load up on healing items and revival items such as Angel’s Tears.

Cook up some meals and eat them right before the battle begins to get some skill boosts that will help you in defeating the Tainted Monsters. Use 100% charged weapons against them as much as possible. Use stun attacks and your combat skills for maximum damage. Also, use Higgledies against them. Some of them will really help you balance the fight in your favor against them.

Tainted Monsters Locations

There are 60 Tainted Monsters spread all over the world. Below you will find the locations of all these Tainted Monsters so you can easily find them and eliminate them.


Tainted Monster Where to Find
Googah Found in Wiggly Way.
Prangles Found in Spineshiver Grove.
Magmanimus Found in Shipshire Cape.
Clangston Found in Heartlands.
Martimer Found in Tightfit Cavern.
Mystral Found in Sundown Woods.
Stormigan Found in Looksee Cave.
Conflagra Found in Sundown Coast.
Whammity Found in Dugout.
Quilla Found in Starboard Isle.
Lily Found in Shallow Shoals.
Yvan Found in Shallow Shoals.
Puddley Found in Shrine of Pining.
Fanger Found in Jack Frost’s Playground.
Scintilla Found in Capaneus’s Crypt.
Grimwit Found in Upheer Plain.
Gimpopo Found in Makronos.
Abnorma Found in Eert Grove.
Florette Found in Fathomless Forest.
Twinky Research Rejuvenate Spell at the Evermore Spellworks and then head to the Unsung Shrine. Once there, use the spell on it to rebuild the Shrine. Enter the Shrine once is it rebuilt to find the monster inside.
Madusa Found in Larboard Isle.
Boarcher Found in Runaway Cave.
Gaialith Found in Jack Frost’s Playground.
Dampo Found in Near Makronos.
Klogg Found in Drylands.
Unnamed Monster Found in Powder Keg Cavern.
Skyrch Found in Near Broadleaf.
Gryndl Found in Drylands.
Flappy Start the Side Quest 82 to confront this Tainted Monster inside Greenglade Cave.
Swellhorn Found in Wiggly Way.
Crysolith Start the Side Quest 115 to confront this Tainted Monster inside East Wood.
Snotley Found in Ding Dong Well.
Akheilos Found in Leucippes’ Labyrinth.
Leolynx Found in Western Woods.
Tusker Found in Dampshoe Cave.
Twygg Start the Side Quest 141 to confront this monster in Wyverns’ Den.
Doombo Found in Shivery Shrine.
Dahlia Availble only after the completion of the main story. Load the game from the main menu and travel to the Belly of the Beast using Fast Travel Point ‘To World Map’.
Grimbaba Found in Nogo Plateu.
Toxina Found in Backwaters.
BL-Ammo Found near Broadleaf.
Boarzerker Found in Tumbledown Shrine.
Charmigan Research Rejuvenate Spell at the Evermore Spellworks and then head to the Sunshade Shrine. Once there, use the spell on it to rebuild the Shrine. Enter the Shrine once is it rebuilt to find the monster inside.
Sporespew Found in Shabby Shrine.
Zapple Found in Ice House.
Snickersnarl Start the Side Quest 170 to confront this Tainted Monster.
Sindulata Found in Drylands.
Starless Knight Found in Bleachbone Shrine.
Ziggy Found in Jack Frost’s Playground.
Storme Found in Farflung Cape.


Once you have defeated these 50 Tainted Monsters, you will then get to face the mightiest of the Tainted Monsters. The following ten Tainted Monsters cannot be engaged before defeating the first 50 monsters. They are a true test of your patience and resilience.


Tainted Monsters Locations
Lymina Found in Eventide Trail.
Jellena Found in Briney Shrine.
Porcopalypto Found in Plainview Plateu.
Seat of the Sea Beast Travel to the Fast Travel Point Leucippes’ Labyrinth and find the cave located on the purple island in the bottom right of your map.
Floode Found in Cloudcoil Canyon.
BL-Yte Found in Factory Floors.
Horraura Found in Old Well.
Elkwhisker Found in Nogo Plateau.
Mangala Found in Shrine of Unity.
Humphrey Found in Forest of Niall.


Once you have defeated 50 of these monsters, you will unlock the Achievement/Trophy ‘Scourge of the Tainted’. The last 10 Tainted will drop excellent loot apart from giving a large amount of experience. Defeating the Tainted Monsters will also prepare you for your ultimate challenge of the game, which is the level 95 boss of 10<sup>th</sup> Dreamer’s Door Maze.

This concludes our Ni No Kuni 2 Tainted Monsters Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!