Attack on Titan 2 Skills Guide – All Character Skills, How To Unlock

Attack on Titan 2 Skills Guide to help you learn everything about all the available skills in the game. Skills in AOT2 have a variety of different uses e.g. increasing stats, increasing damage, acquiring new attacks, and more.

How to Unlock Attack on Titan 2 Skills

In this Attack on Titan 2 Skills Guide, we’ve provided an overview of all available skills in the game alongside their effects. You should be able to unlock a majority of these AOT2 Skills by befriending different NPCs available in the world.

However, do note that there are some Attack on Titan 2 NPCs that tend to leave permanently as you continue to progress through the game. Please bear in mind that this guide is currently work in progress. Before we begin, it’s important that you have an understanding of different stats that you’ll play with in the game.



Character Stats. Effects
HP This stat governs your character’s total Hit Points and the ability to evade a titan’s clutches.
Strength This stat basically determines the amount of damage that your character can dish out.
Stamina Stamina in AOT2 governs quite a lot i.e. item damage, weapon durability, and reduced gas utilization.
Speed This stat increases your character’s movement speed.
Focus With a higher Focus comes increased Critical Attack chance and increased Stealth Attack damage.
Leadership This stat essentially governs the damage of companions and reduces skill cooldown.



  • Improved Focus by +3.
  • Fighting Spirit slows down the time after getting caught by titans.


  • Improved Strength by +3.
  • Improved Speed by +3.
  • Airboost increases the distance covered by Airboost by a huge margin.
  • Airboost’s distance increased even more.


  • Improved Leadership by +5.


  • Improved HP by +3.
  • Improved HP by +5.


  • Improved Speed by +3.


  • Increased damage against titans that have lesser body parts. Try to remove body parts in order to get the most out of this skill.


  • Improved Stamina by +3.
  • Improved Stamina by +5.
  • Death from Above changes the aerial attacks and improves their damage.


  • Improved Stamina by +3.
  • Gas Consumption gets marginally decreased.


  • Improved Speed by +3.
  • Greatly improves Sword Durability.
  • Improved Stamina by +5.


  • First Aid decreases the cooldown of companions’ skills.
  • Improved Leadership by +3.
  • Drastically decreases the cooldown of companions’ skills.


  • Improved HP by +3.
  • Improved HP by +5.
  • Allows you to deal increased damage to titans who are not aware of your presence.


  • You get improved Sword Durability.


  • You get reduced Gas Consumption.


  • Improved Strength by +5.
  • Airborne Sword allows you to throw your broken sword at a titan and deal an increased amount of damage.
  • You get increased damage with Spinning Attack.


  • Rob allows you to acquire additional materials from Stealth Kills.
  • Improved Strength by +3.


  • Dying Spirit increases your overall damage output when you are at critical health.


  • Improved HP by +3.


  • Improved Leadership by +3.


  • Improved Agility by +3.


  • Discretion allows your titan’s rage bar to fill at a decreased rate.

This is all we’ve in our Attack on Titan 2 Skills Guide. If there is anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below! Also, note that this Attack on Titan 2 Guide is currently work in progress. We’ll continue to add more skills and information in days to come.