Kingdom Come: Deliverance Crimes and Punishments Guide

This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Crimes and Punishments Guide will acquaint you with all of your options for when you get caught doing something illegal. We will tell you how you can get out of a sticky situation by losing as little as possible.

Remember that if you get caught doing something illegal, there can be dire consequences for you. Just like in real life, getting caught red-handed will mean that guards can be alarmed of a crime and you will have a few decisions which you can make and they will directly affect the consequences of your actions.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Crimes And Punishments

The most serious crimes that you can commit are attacking people and stealing. You can also run into minor trouble if you trespass or you walk with a weapon pulled out. Make sure you save the game if you can before you attempt anything which may involve breaking the law and getting caught.

Killing people who see you committing the crime is not a good idea as other people may see you killing them and it may put you in an even worse situation. Let’s see how you can deal with crime and punishment in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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Punishments And Crimes

First of all, you can pay the fee if you do not have good charisma and the fine is miniscule. This will make sure that you will not be followed around by the guards. A fee sometimes may even be less than the worth of the items that you stole which will leave you with a nice profit.

Persuasion is another valid option. If you have a good persuasion stat, either you can scare the guard or you can impress him. Charisma, Strength, and Persuasion all factor into this stat. If your Persuasion fails, that still allows you to select other options so it is ok to try it every time since there is no chance of punishment in case you fail.

You can also go to jail if you do not have the gold to pay the fine. You will have to spend a few days in the prison and you will be weak when you come out of it for a short amount of time.

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The last option is trying to fight. This is incredibly bad as it will still leave you vulnerable to arrests. Only do this if you are far away from anyone else and you can easily overpower the guard with high-level weaponry.

That is all we have for our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Crimes and Punishments Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!