Kingdom Come: Deliverance Food Guide – How To Cook, Cure Food Poison

However, there are some factors that you must keep in mind when it comes to eating, preparing, and managing food items in your inventory. We have curated this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Food Guide in which we will guide you how you can remain efficient in handling food in Kingdom Came Deliverance.

Eating is vital for staying alive in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is not just staying alive but being well nutritioned on your journeys is also vital for survival. You will come across a variety of food item son your journey that will help you stay hunger-free on your journeys.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Food

Food is an important element in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can obtain food from a variety of sources around you. Most common source of obtaining food is looting from corpses and buying from traders and merchants.

Every corpse that you loot will have some sort of food item on them. You can pick them up but you need to be careful about eating them.

Keeping food items for too long in your inventory will cause them to lose freshness and become rotten. Pick up only those food items that you need to consume in the near future. Storing huge amounts of food will do you no good and will only waste much of the food.

You can buy food items from various merchants and traders around the world. Each item will cost you a certain amount of gold. However, we recommend that you avoid spending money on food items, as you will find plenty of them while looting and if you are unable to consume them on time, they will become rotten.

Apart from looting corpses and buying from merchants, if you want to be a freebie, you can also grab some food from various cooking pots located in the towns and outside houses. Picking food from these Stew Pots gives you a free snack that will fulfill part of your nourishment.

You can take snacks from multiple pots to complete your requirements. After some time, pots will be available for another meal. You can then collect some for later use.

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Cooking Food

In Kingdome Come: Deliverance, you also have the option to cook your own food. At this point, cooking food is only limited to raw meat. Your character is unable to eat raw meat by default unless you unlock a special hunting perk later in the game.

When you go on a hunt or kill any other wild animal, you will get raw meat from their corpses. You cannot consume this raw meat right away without the perk. To use this meat, you need to first cook it. You can cook this food over any fires that you come across over your journeys.

These can be campfires, cooking fires under pots outside houses or self-made fires. Looking directly at the fire or under the cooking pots, you will get an option of cooking food. Choose the option to cook any raw meat that you have in your inventory.

You can grill this meat and then consume it. Cooked food tends to be more fulfilling than normal food and it also stays fresh for longer periods of time.

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Food Poisoning

Kingdome Come: Deliverance comes with another unique mechanic; food in your inventory loses its freshness gradually and will eventually become rotten. If you pick up a food item and do not consume it for some time, it will start to lose its freshness. If it loses its freshness below 50%., it is termed as rotten.

Consuming these rotten food items may give you a little bit of hunger relief but they will give you food poisoning, which is even worse, and we do not recommend that you ever consume these rotten food items.

When you get Food Poisoning in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, your health will start to deplete over time. A skull will show it over your health bar. All your stats are also dropped for this duration of time.

The intensity of food poisoning depends on how much rotten the food is. Extremely rotten food will cause severe food poisoning, which will take a longer time to heal and will continue to deplete your health for a longer period. It is vital that you get rid of food poisoning as soon as possible.

Getting rid of food poisoning is very easy. All you need to do is sleep. Sleeping for a certain amount of time will heal all your food poisoning. It even works if you eat rotten food and go to sleep immediately, it will cure your food poisoning. However, we recommend selling rotten food to get rid of it.

Rotten food items can still be sold to traders so instead of eating them, it is best if you sell them to get rid of them. Overall, we recommend that you do not eat rotten food in any case. If you really have to eat rotten food, make sure you have a bed close by to get rid of food poisoning afterward.

This concludes our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Food Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!