Final Fantasy 15 Windows 10 Edition Will Support Cross-Play Through Xbox Live

The fifteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 15 will be rolling out this March for PC and Square Enix has confirmed that the game will support Cross-play through Xbox live.

In a recent update by Square Enix, the developers gave away some details regarding how the game will be for PC. There will be slight changes to the PC version compared to the consoles.

According to the game director, Hajime Tabata, the Window Edition of the game will have some significant changes compared to the 2016’s console release. Also, recently the director rolled out a video that give insight into the PC version of the game.

As for the cross-play, it will be possible for the players to play online coop up to four players through Xbox Live. So players on both platforms Windows 10, as well as Xbox One, will be able to play together online.

Although the game will be only supporting Windows 10. The game will include all the content present in the console release of the game; Season Pass episodes of Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis and the multiplayer expansion pack “Brothers in Arms”.

It will also include other content like (the alternative path of Chapter 13, the Regalia transformation of All-Terrain Vehicle, character customization and much more) that has been published during the game updates.

Some of the features that it will include are:

  • Xbox Live Online Cooperation (2-4)
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR
  • Single player
  • Xbox Live multiplatform cooperation
  • Xbox Live success
  • Xbox Live Presence
  • Xbox Live Cloud Recordings
  • Xbox Live

The director of the game Final Fantasy 15 Hajime Tabata said that the PC version has been developed from scratch and because of that reason the game has advanced a generation to console versions.

So for PC Gamers, this is something that they can look forward to. Final Fantasy 15 Windows 10 Edition will release on March 6, 2018, and the Royal Edition will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.