Call Of Duty WW2 Hotfix Comes Today To Fix Ranked Multiplayer, Zombies

Sledgehammer Games has announced that a Call of Duty WW2 hotfix is coming out today in order to address various issues with the game’s ranked multiplayer, and the Nazi Zombies mode. It’s part of a continuing effort for Sledgehammer to fix the variety of different glitches in the game.

While Sledgehammer’s most recent offering to the Call of Duty franchise got good reviews and got millions of dollars in sales, the game still shipped with a large amount of bugs that have caused the studio to have to put out a number of different hotfixes and patches. Sledgehammer has remained in constant contact with the Call of Duty community, however, and yesterday they put up a post on Reddit talking about what all would be coming with the hotfix.

The hotfix’s changelog appeared to be focused on problems with the Nazi Zombies mode, the Ranked Play game mode’s experience yields, and an issue with the Demolition game mode and that same game mode’s user interface.

The various changes are as follows. Ranked Play in the game’s multiplayer will now properly hand out XP to players. Wüstling zombies will also now have better pathfinding, so you’ll have to watch out more in case the Wüstling is able to get around an obstacle you thought you’d be safe behind. Other multiplayer improvements include adjustments to the Demolition game mode, where bomb sites will be spaced out further. The game mode’s UI will also be adjusted so that the match timer will pause when the bomb is planted.

While it’s not necessarily a big Call of Duty WW2 hotfix, every little bit that goes towards making the game even better is likely appreciated by the fanbase, especially when regularly released DLC will likely keep Sledgehammer busy for a good while as they continue to fix the game up.