Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats for PC (Fast Travel, Game Conditions, Spawn Items)

In this Subnautica Console Commands Guide, we have listed all of the Console Commands that have been developed for Subnautica. Just like any other RPG game, Subnautica also has many Console Commands that will allow you to alter the game codes to turn the game in your favor.

You can use these Console Commands to fast travel to anywhere you like or add an item to your inventory. Whatever console code is present for the game, we have added it to our Subnautica Console Commands Guide.

Subnautica Console Commands and Cheats

Subnautica has been in early access for a long time but now it is out of Early Access and we finally have the full game. Subnautica features a rich underwater world full of fascination and discovery.

You are put in the flippers of a lone spaceship crash survivor who must adapt and survive in the hostile underwater environment of Subnautica. Developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Subnautica is a stellar survival RPG set in the depths of vast oceans full of life.

How to Enable Command Console

Before you can enter any Console Command, you must access the Command Console. To access it, you need to first enable it from the game settings. Press ‘F3’ to open a Sub-Menu and then press ‘F8’ to free the mouse. This will enable you to uncheck and check items on the menu.

Now uncheck ‘Disable Console’ and press ‘F8’ and ‘F3’ again to close the Menu. The Console Menu is now accessible by pressing the (~) key. Every time you start the game, you will be required to follow this procedure to enable the Command Console. Once the Command Console is accessible, you can use the below commands for their respective functions.

Teleportation Commands

These Console Commands allow you to travel to a specific location of your choice.


Console Commands Effects
biome [name]
  • safe (Lifepod crash location in Safe Shallows)
  • kelp
  • kelp_cave
  • grassy
  • grassy_cave
  • mushroom
  • koosh
  • koosh_cave
  • jelly
  • shroom
  • sparse
  • reef
  • grandreef
  • dunes
  • mountains
  • moutains_cave
  • deepgrand
  • bloodkelp
  • underislands
  • smokers
  • inactivelavart
  • islands
  • tree
  • lostriver
  • lavazone
Enter the name of the biome from the below list to travel to that specific location.
goto [name] This command will teleport you to the location chosen. When you type ‘goto’ and press enter, you will be shown a list of locations available. Choose one to teleport there instantly.
warp [x] [y] [z] Similar to ‘goto’ but more specific. Enter coordinates with this command and you will travel to exactly those coordinates anywhere on the map.
warpforward [meters] Enter a number to warp to an area right in front of you with this command.
warpme With this command, you will be warped to the last base or vehicle that you accessed.
spawn Use this command to respawn anywhere near your location if you become stuck.
randomstart — Plops you onto the lifepod at one of its start locations This command will take you to a lifepod at any of its start location.
kill This command will kill you and spawn at the lifepod.


Spawning Items

These Console Commands are useful if you wish to spawn specific items. In addition to this, there are some Console Commands for some effects that include inventory management, etc.


Console Commands Effects
item [item] [number] This command will add the item in the quantity, which you will specify in the command to your inventory.
spawn [item] [number] With this command, you can spawn any item or creature in any number you want near you. Simply enter the name and number you want to spawn with the command.
clearinventory Use this command to delete everything from your inventory if it is full of junk.
sub cyclops This command will spawn the Cyclops near you. Make sure you are in an open area as Cyclops is huge.
sub aurora Using this command, you can spawn the Aurora behind you.
seaglide This command will spawn a Seaglide near you.
vehicleupgrades Using this command, you can unlock all common vehicle modules.
seamothupgrades This command will give you all Seamoth modules.
exosuitupgrades Using this command, you can unlock all Prawn Suit modules.
exosuitarms This command will unlock all Prawn Suit arms for you to use.
spawnloot This command will spawn some loot near you including quartz, copper ore, magnesium, salt deposit, gold, and four metal salvage.
madloot This command will add glass, titanium, computer chips, batteries, a survival knife, a habitat builder, and a scanner to your inventory.
resourcesfor [item] If you are building something and are short on resources for it, using this command will give you all the required materials for that item. You only need to know the name of the item.
ency [name] This command will allow you to unlock a specific data entry if you know its name. Using all will unlock all data entries.
unlock [blueprint] This command allows you to choose a specific blueprint to unlock. You can enter any blueprint name in this command to unlock it.
unlockall This command will unlock all blueprints so you can construct any item you want.
bobthebuilder This command adds some basic construction tools to your inventory such as habitat builder, survival knife, scanner and repair tool. It also enable some extra features to help in quickly constructing items.
fastgrow This command will make plants grow fast.
nocost This command will make all objects free to construct. You will not require any items for them.
noenergy With this command enabled, none of your vehicles will require any power.
nosurvival You will not get hungry or thirsty when you use this command.
oxygen This command will give you unlimited oxygen.
nitrogen This command will allow you to stay more time underwater but will increase chances for decompression sickness.
invisible This command will make you invisible to the eyes of all creatures and they will ignore you.
fastbuild This command will enable you to build modules instantly at the habitat builder.
fasthatch Use this command to quickly hatch all eggs.
fastscan This command will reduce the time it takes to scan an object.
filterfast This command with reduce the time it takes to filter water.
radiation This command will disable all radiation in the game.
fixleaks Use this command to seal all radiation leaks in Aurora.
unlockdoors This command will unlock all doors. Doors requiring laser cutter will need to be opened separately.
cure [range] Insert any number in this command to cure all creatures in the specified radius around you.
infect [range] Insert any number in this command to infect all creatures in the specified radius around you.
countdownship This command will start the Aurora countdown timer.
explodeship Use this command to blow up the Aurora.
restoreship This command will un-blow the Aurora.
startsunbeamstoryevent To start the Sunbeam story event, you can use this command.
sunbeamcountdownstart This command will initiate the Sunbeam countdown.
precursorgunaim This command destroys the Sunbeam.
forcerocketready This command will launch the escape rocket without actually disabling the quarantine enforcement platform.


Game Conditions Console Commands

You can change the game mode by entering the name of the mode in the Command Console. Four game modes are creative, freedom, survival and hardcore.


Console Commands Effects
day Use this command to change the time of day-to-day.
night Use this command to change the time of day to night.
daynightspeed [number] This command will let you set the speed of the day and night cycle. You can increase or decrease at will.
speed [number] Use this command to set the game speed. You can increase and decrease the game speed at will.
entreset — reload all assets, except terrain This command will reload all assets except terrain. This is useful if you encounter any loading problems.
gamereset Use this command to quickly load your last save game.
farplane [#] You can use this command to set a view distance. For reference, the default value is 1000.
fog You can toggle fog on and off with this command.
freecam This command allows you to move the camera around freely.
FPS This command will display on-screen FPS and some other nerdy stats.
sizeref This command will spawn a diver model near you.
vsync This will toggle the Vsync setting on and off.


This concludes our Subnautica Console Commands Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!