How to Tame Ravager in ARK Aberration – Ravager Taming Tips, Where to Find Ravager

In this How to Tame Ravager in ARK Aberration Guide, we will share some tips and tricks regarding the Ravager in ARK: Aberration. ARK recently got a new expansion pack called Aberration and it takes the player to the underground. Underground is more treacherous than the ground level and it requires a lot more to survive down here.

Aberration adds a lot of new content including wingsuits, climbing gear, new fearsome creatures for you to tame and a whole new world to explore underground. ARK allows you to tame different creatures so that they are friendly to you and you can ride them as well.

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Tame Ravager in Ark Aberration – How to

ARK Aberration Ravager guide focuses on the new creature added to the Aberration expansion, the Ravager. We will guide you on how you can tame a Ravager and where you will find one in this ARK Aberration Ravager guide.

After reading this ARK Aberration Ravager Guide, you will not only tame a Ravager easily but also use it for some advanced movement maneuvers that we will share below.

We have divided the ARK: Aberration Ravager Guide in two sections. The first part covers where you can find a Ravager in ARK Aberration. The second part will detail how you can tame the Ravager and how it can prove useful to you in moving around the world.

ARK: Aberration Ravager guide details everything that you need to know about Ravagers in ARK: Aberration.

Where to Find Ravager in Ark Aberration

Ravager is a pack hunter so it requires extra care when you go to tame one. They usually move around in a pack of three or four so you need to go prepared. In the pack, one of the Ravagers will be bigger and glowing. This means that this Ravager has the highest level so you should want this one.

Once you tame a glowing one, the remaining ones can also be tamed and they will follow you in a pack. This way you can hunt in a pack to easily take down larger foes. You can find them roaming around the world in many places so finding them is not a problem.

How to Tame Ravager in Ark Aberration

Just like any other creature, when you want to tame a Ravager, you will need to first bring it down. Once it is down, feed it some meat.

If you do not have enough meat in your inventory, then you must first take down some sheep and collect some meat so that you can feed the Ravager one it is down. Since Ravager will be mostly in packs, you will need to take out the other ones so that you can focus on the glowing one. Once the Ravager is down, keep it unconscious and feed it some food.

Feed it enough meat and it will be tamed. Before you can ride it, you will need a saddle, which becomes available at level 47. Once you are level 47, collect the required items and craft the saddle to ride. Ravagers are good pack hunters.

They have a left click bite attack and a right click slash attack. Slash attack is useful for beginning attacks as it stops the enemy from running away however to strike the enemy, the Ravager stops running so it becomes useless if you are running after an enemy. They also have a high stamina so you can run for longer periods.

The best thing about Ravagers is that they can also walk on the zip lines. Simply aim at the zip line, when the crosshair appears, jump and you will land on the zip line and now can walk on it back and forth. This is a great move and it really gives you the freedom to move around especially if you have a zip line anchor on your crossbow.

This concludes our How to Tame Ravager in ARK Aberration Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!