Visceral Star Wars Game Was Actually Cancelled Because It Was Overly Ambitious And Poor Morale At The Company

The Visceral Star Wars game has been canceled and this has been a hot topic lately. While I was one of the people that were looking forward to the Visceral Star Wars game it was initially thought that the game was pulled because it was a linear game and that EA did not want that. It turns out that there is more to the story than what meets the eyes.

New reports claim that the Visceral Star Wars game was in trouble since development took off. Insiders claim that the game was overly ambitious and was stuck in development hell soon after development started.

Word has it that the team behind the game had poor morale, which just got off working on Battlefield Hardline. So you know why. it seems that the game’s protagonist was very similar to Nathan Drake and that there were other elements of the game that were also similar to Uncharted.

EA made things worse by investigating how marketable the game was considering there was no Jedi in it. The company also insisted that the Forst Bite engine be used even though it was not designed to work with third-person games.

LucasFilm did not help much and the same goes for Uncharted co-creator Amy Hennig. All this is very unfortunate and this is the second game that I was looking forward to playing that has been canceled this year. The first one was Scalebound.

EA has taken a hit as well as the stocks of the company have dropped since the studio was closed. You can click here to learn more.

Let us know what you think about the Visceral Star Wars game being canceled and whether or not you were looking forward to checking out the game even though it did not have a Jedi in it.