New HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro One Could Change Console Shooters

A new Xbox One peripheral called the HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro One could change the face of online multiplayer as we know it. The peripheral, which is composed of a portable keyboard segment and a mouse, is compatible not just on a PC but also on the Xbox One.

Hori is a Japanese creator of various fight sticks and other peripherals, and previously announced a new kid-focused Playstation 4 controller for smaller hands.

One of the main advantages that PC players can have over console players when playing online shooters is the greater precision that a mouse affords you, meaning that you can get rid of auto-aim if you’re playing a shooter game. The HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro One not only allows you to do this on a console, but will also help you with movement as well.

The pad holds every button you would need when playing an online shooter in the same sort of configuration that a PC game would have in a shooter, including movement keys in the WASD position, a Snipe button, keyboard buttons that correspond to a console controller’s face buttons, and even a quick-turn button.

With all of these keys being in the proper spots, PC gamers that might be looking to buy an Xbox One can have a bit of an unfair advantage by being able to put their mouse and keyboard skills to use. Of course, it might be a bit more impractical than a controller; you’d have to have a lapboard or some flat surface to use both of them with.

On the upside, it might be able to help level the player field when it comes to crossplay. With Microsoft adding Xbox One and PC crossplay for more and more of its games, if an Xbox One player wants to make use of the HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro One in order to practice their mouse skills, they could level the playing field on a PC player.

The peripheral will be coming out on October 30 for $150.00.