Intel Coffee Lake i3-8350K performs on par with Core i7-7700K

Intel Coffee Lake Core i3-8350K first detailed benchmarks are out. This is the first time a Core i3 processor has been featured with a quad core design and overclocking. This will result in significantly better performance compared to the previous generation of i3 chips.

The 8th generation line up was revealed by Intel a few days ago and the embargo was lifted on 21st August. This generation is a mix of a different family of processors including Intel Coffee Lake (14nm++), Sky Lake (14nm+) and Canon Lake (10nm) CPUs chips respectively. The desktop processor lineup will be based on the Coffee Lake architecture.

Now looking at the Intel Coffee Lake Core i3-8350K specifications it packs in a quad core chip, higher clock speeds and finely tuned architecture that will increase the output while keeping the investment pocket-friendly. Intel has not specified the prices yet but it is estimated that the Core i3-8350K will fall somewhere around $200.

Intel Core i3-8350K offers 4 cores, 4 threads clocked at 4.0GHz, with 8 MB of L3 cache and TDP of 95W. Coming to the benchmarks from CPU-Z we saw that Core i3-8350K out performed last generation’s Core i7-7700K on single threaded performance. Bear in mind that 8350K has no Turbo Boost and has lower clocks than the 7700K.

However on multi threaded Core i7-7700K scored more points than the i3 mainly because of the higher thread count. But under a price bracket of $200, it would be a great buy. Looks like Intel has finally upped the game in performance difference since the 2nd gen Sandy bridge days.

There was another benchmark set from AIDA64 that tested i3-8350K and i7-6700K. Guess what, Intel Coffee Lake Core i3-8350K outperformed the 6700K in all the scores.

We believe if Intel manages to keep the prices under control, it definitely has a chance to capture AMD’s market share with Intel Coffee Lake against Ryzen family. What do you think about the benchmark results do let us know in the comments below.