Sonic Mania Special Stages Locations Guide – Unlock Super Sonic Mode, Chaos Emerald Locations

This Sonic Mania Special Stages Locations Guide will help you find the seven special stages in Sonic Mania and offer you some tips on how to complete them. Seven special stages must be completed if you want to unlock the Super Sonic Mode. This Sonic Mania Special Stage will be continuously updated as the locations of new special stages are found.

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Sonic Mania Special Stages Locations Guide

In our Sonic Mania Special Stages Locations Guide, we have shared the locations of all available Special Stages in Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania Special Stages Locations

To beat the Special Stages, you need to collect every blue orb as it will speed you up and you will be able to catch up to the UFO faster to collect the Chaos Emerald. For more tips on how to clear special stages, read our Sonic Mania Tips and Tricks Guide attached above.

Sonic Mania Special Stage / Chaos Emerald Locations Guide

Special Stage 1 – Act 1 – Green Hill Zone
Find a pair of ‘S’ shaped Tunnels and make your way through them. Then bust through the wall and move past the area with the rising and falling pillars. Make sure you jump over the Spike pits, the special stage should be right up ahead.

Special Stage 2 – Green Hill Zone – Act 2
Jump through the ground and start moving right. Keep moving until you see a bounce pad. Jump up, then cross the bridge and the platforms to reach the upper area of the map. Here you will see another bridge.

Cross it and look for a ring to the right of the yellow bounce pad. Jump up on the yellow bounce pad and wait for the ledge to crumble. This will drop you onto another yellow bounce pad which you can use to access an alcove on the top left which should have the ring.

Special Stage 3 – Chemical Plant one – Act 1
Keep on running along the lower tube. Eventually, Sonic will be bounced backward and through a loop. There should be a clear tube near a ring box around your location. Enter it and follow the underwater chemical passage through the loops and an open door.

Soon you will enter a new area which will have a metal like a backdrop. Now all you need to do is to drop down and find the hidden path which will lead you to the ring.

Finding rings and Special stages can be a frustrating task in any game, let alone a game requiring so much skill and having a time limit on top of that.

This Sonic Mania Special Stages Locations Guide helps you find the locations of all the currently known Special Stages so you do not have to worry about endlessly wandering through the levels doing nothing.