Next World Of Warcraft Expansion “Veil of Shadows” Leaked

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular properties for Blizzard Entertainment and the studio has been supporting the game since launch with new expansions, content, and updates. The gaming community has not lost interest in the game and it seems that another World of Warcraft expansion is coming.

A leak has made its way on the internet suggesting that Blizzard Entertainment is working on a new World of Warcraft expansion. According to the leak, the World Of Warcraft expansion is titled “Veil of Shadows” and will bring a slew of content to the game.

This allegedly upcoming World Of Warcraft expansion will bring new skills, specialization progression system. The expansion will also bring new weapons, combat animations, new class/weapon combinations, new races/class combinations, new world and a slew of content.

The expansion will also raise the level cap to 120 and will bring new dungeons, raids, new bosses, and battlegrounds. However, it is important to mention that it is just a leak so until Blizzard officially confirms it, take is as a grain of salt. You can read more about the expansion here.

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World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment exclusively for PC.