Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide – Where to Find, Gold Plorts Farming

In this Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide, we will explain to you how you can get Gold Plorts. Gold Plorts are the super rare resource in Slime Rancher. We have detailed all the locations where you can find the Gold Slime and how you can extract one of the rarest Plorts in the game in this Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide.

It is one of the most difficult to find Slime and it is even harder to extract the Gold Plorts from it but with the help of this Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide, you will be farming Gold Plorts in no time.

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Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide

Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide details everything you need to find Gold Slime and how to extract Gold Plorts from them.

Slime Rancher Gold Slime

Where is Gold Slime in Slime Rancher?

Gold Slime are one of the rarest of the slimes in the game, Slime Rancher. They are so rare that your Vacpack cannot even capture them. This further increases the challenge as it means you cannot capture them and keep them at your Ranch to harvest them for longer times.

If you are lucky, you will find them in the wild in areas such as ancient Ruins, Dry Reef, Glass Desert, Indigo Quarry and Moss Blanket regions. They will spawn randomly in these areas and there is a fair chance that you might not even find a single one here at times.

Another reason for their challenging difficulty is that as soon as they see the player, they run away, they disappear, and then they spawn at some other place on the map.

They will always run away from you so the element of surprise must be used against them if you plan to harvest them for Gold Plorts. Another thing about Gold Slime is that unlike all other slime, Gold Slime cannot be used to create Largos.

How to Extract Gold Plorts?

Now, to extract Gold Plorts from the Gold Slime, you must hit it with any of the resources collected in your Vacpack. You can items such as carrots, fruits and meat while chickadoos, Water and other slimes will not work.

To get the plorts, simple try to hit the Gold Slime with any accepted items and they will drop Gold Plorts. If you manage to squeeze three plorts out of a single Gold Slime, you will unlock achievement Hat Trick.

Gold Plorts are the most valuable resource you can find in Slime Rancher and you can use another trick to increase your Gold Plorts profits. The game has a Vacpack upgrade Golden Sureshot.

When you get this upgrade, you can drop triple the amount of Gold Plorts from a single Gold Slime, which is very helpful if you can only manage to hit it that many times. If you manage to get a Gold Plort, you can sell it for 100 to 650 Newbucks at the Plort Market. So keep a lookout for the Gold Slime and try to earn as many Gold Plorts as you can.

This concludes our Slime Rancher Gold Slime Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!