Capcom Games Fail to Meet Sales Expectations

All the major Capcom games failed to meet their projected sales target set by the company. The company forecasted their sales for Resident Evil 7 to reach 4 million copies by the fiscal year end.

But unfortunately, even after three months of the year ended, Resident Evil 7 could not reach its sales target and fell short by 500,000 copies. Frankly speaking, 3.5 million is a very good figure for the Resident Evil 3.7, considering the fact that Resident Evil 6 was a failure and received crude criticism from the consumers as well as the critics.

The company tried a different strategy with Resident evil 7, they introduced complete defenseless survival mechanisms where the game turned into an absolute horror theme, a similar trend set by amnesia, Out Last etc.

Capcom expects their sales revenue to rise with DLC releases and also from the known fact that their positively rated games sell really good in the long term.

Capcom wants to ship 2 million copies more till the end of 2017 and expects the sales to reach 6 million copies by the end of 1st quarter of 2018. They also expect that RE7 will sell around 10 million copies, worldwide, in its lifetime.

On the other hand, Dead Rising 4 majorly disappointed from its sales so much that Capcom did not even disclose its sale figures. The game was released on Xbox One and PC with a projected sales target of 2 million copies. Considering the fact that this game was released in holiday season we thought the game should’ve achieved its sales target.

However, Capcom did mention that Dead Rising 4 has yet to reach its 1 million sales target, explaining the average reviews and feedback received from the game critics and gamers in general. It is also assumed that the sales reception on this title will affect the future business relationship with Microsoft and Capcom.

Meanwhile, Monster Hunter sold 4 million copies worldwide in its previous releases. But considering the latest release of the game, sales were disappointing by being under 2 million units.

Street fighter remains the company’s top seller franchise with over 390 million units sold since the inception. Resident Evil being the 2nd best by selling 77 million units.

Capcom expects MvC infinite, coming this September, to sell 2 million copies by the end of 2017. There is a high possibility that Capcom will release spin offs and special editions of the current games amped up with extra DLC characters, stages, costumes etc. This will help make up for low sales since that’s what Capcom does with the famous franchises.

We are wishful that Capcom achieve’s its expected targets by the end of the fiscal year 2017 and gives us with exciting games and DLCs.