There’s No Alan Wake 2 Because Microsoft Wants Novelty From Remedy

By   /   Jul 8, 2017
Alan Wake Remedy's Horror Action Game

It’s been seven years since the original Alan Wake game came from Remedy Entertainment after years of delays. With an Alan Wake 2 nowhere in sight, Sam Lake, the head of Remedy, has gone into detail on what’s keeping the studio from working from working on a sequel to Alan Wake.

Of course, the fault lies with Remedy’s publisher, Microsoft. Remedy had previously developed Quantum Break as a title on the Xbox One, which came out last year to a storm of criticism about the game being ported to PC (despite being advertised as an Xbox One exclusive) and a host of technical issues on the PC.

However, even though Alan Wake was a success, along with its expansion Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Microsoft is unwilling to allow Remedy to develop Alan Wake 2 due to the publisher wanting new things from the studio. However, a few things that would have been part of the Alan Wake sequel did make it over to Quantum Break, mainly the cross-media portion.

Quantum Break, in addition to its time-stopping mechanic, had a rather novel way of storytelling as Remedy filmed a TV series ran concurrently with the game’s plot, which showed what was happening with a variety of other, minor characters in the game while protagonist Jack Joyce was attempting to avert the end of time itself.

Alan Wake 2 would have had a similar thing, considering the importance of TV in the original game (the game acted like it was a TV show, with acts divided into episodes, and you could also watch episodes of a Twilight Zone-like show called Night Springs on TVs around the game), but it seems with Microsoft not wanting to greenlight a sequel we’ll never get to see it.

Hopefully some day Remedy Entertainment will be able to make a sequel to Alan Wake (especially since that game has been removed from Steam due to its license running out and also ended up a cliffhanger). In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait.

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