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CATS Skills Guide – Unlocking Skills, Spending Skill Points, Best Skills

CATS Skills Guide will help you explore skills menu and will tell you how to unlock all skills in C.A.T.S. Crash Arena Turbo Stars. C.A.T.S. is a game about building the best combat vehicles from a number of parts available and destroying the opposition while staying in one piece. With the help of this guide, you can understand one of the least explained aspects of C.A.T.S.

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CATS Skills Guide

In our CATS Skills Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about unlocking Skill Points and best skills in the game.

CATS Skills Guide

Understanding Skills

Skills are small boosts that affect your game in a big way. They are hidden in a menu on the main screen. Simply tap the little cat head silhouette at the main screen to open the skills menu. If you have any number of skills, a corresponding number will be displayed at the icon.

Skills will grant a number of passive abilities that can benefit you greatly in battles. As you move up in championships, you will unlock more skill points. Also, when you hit certain milestones in-game, you earn more skill points. Every time you move up a rank in the championship, you earn 1 skill point to spend in the skills menu.

Spending skill points is easy once you get to know about the skills menu, however, every time you level up, it increases the cost it requires to upgrade that ability. You should try to increase your number of skills at the start. Invest your points in as many level 1 skills as possible and then you can upgrade these skills later. Most of the times level 1 skills will be more beneficial to you than a level 2 skill.

There are no best skills in this game, every skill has a unique use and it all depends on how you play the game. Just like your vehicle will be unique so will be your skill set and swapping skills and vehicle parts ensure that every stage is unique for you and brings something new for you to test out.

Unlocking CATS Skills

C.A.T.S. has a small number of skills and that too can be unlocked quite easily. All you need to do is after reaching the top of a championship, simply reset to the bottom again. This is called the prestige mode. You will retain all your current skills and some other stats but the championship level will come down to the start. You can easily unlock all skills and max them out by this method by doing different prestige levels.

This concludes our CATS Skills Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!