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GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations Missions Guide – Requirements, Payout, How to Complete

GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations Missions Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing the MOMs in the game. Initiated by the Mobile Operations Center, these operations require you to complete a certain number of Resupply Missions. Upon completion, you will earn RP and receive discounts on the weaponized vehicles. Mobile Operations also require you to ensure that the featured vehicle stays intact.

As the name suggests the GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations are to be completed in a truck which is a series of supply mission and this guide will help you on how to access these Gunrunning Mobile missions, and what is the best way to complete them in GTA V or GTA Online.

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Mobile Operations Center is a truck that allows you to start new jobs and serve the role of weapon/vehicle workshop. In order to buy the Mobile Operations Center, get it from Warstock website for Approx. $1,225,000. Do note that you must own a bunker in order to purchase a MOC.

GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations Missions Guide

In our GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations Missions Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing all available Mobile Operations in GTA Online Gunrunning Update.

In these missions, you have to make use of mechanized and weaponized vehicles to eliminate enemies or retrieve these vehicles from the adversaries.

To start the MOM, you need to get inside the Mobile Operations Centre which is essentially an armored truck. Inside there, you will find a screen that will require username and password to access the system. After having accessed the interface, you will see a screen with Mission selection options. The screen displays a Mobile Operations note from where you will be able to select a mission and launch it.

These missions vary in their requirements and the goal that you have to obtain. In six of the missions, you have to use weaponized vehicles and in two of them, you have to retrieve these vehicles. These missions require good driving and shooting skills, as you have to commandeer weaponized automated vehicles to kill enemies and protect your people from the adversaries.

Upon completion of these missions, you will be able to buy the Warstock vehicles and feature a discount on the vehicle use in those Operations.

GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations

Severe Weather Patterns

  • Payout: Approx. $14,000
  • Requirements: 2 Resupply Missions

For this GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operation, you are provided with a couple of Dune FAVs in order to destroy Merryweather aircraft. To find the first target, head over to the Sandy Shores and look for a secluded cargobob. Once done, find another one accompanied by a Buzzard near Harmony. From there, you will have to deal with a Titan accompanied by a Mesa from the Sandy Shores and then another Titan with Froggers.

Lastly, you will be asked to deal with a helicopter and a final run in with Merryweather. After you are done, return the featured vehicles to the drop-off point in order to complete the mission.

Half-Track Bully

  • Payout: Approx. $14,000
  • Requirements: 2 Resupply Missions

This Gunrunning Mobile Operation in GTA Online requires you to infiltrate a military base in order to find a Half-Track parked in there. Once you are done with the infiltration, send in one teammate to reach the vehicle and initiate a hack with the SecuroServe App while staying in range. While one player is carrying out the hack, you will need to provide cover-fire and fend off the approaching enemies. After completing the hack, head inside the vehicle and take it to the drop-off zone without damaging it badly. It is also paramount to note that you will come across multiple enemy forces while on your way.

Exit Strategy

  • Payout: Approx. $15,000
  • Requirements: 6 Resupply Missions

After the Mobile Operation starts, take control of one of the three Anti-Aircraft Trailer configurations and protect all three VIP NPCs in the airplanes. While these NPCs will be attacked both on land and in the air, we have found the air attacks to be more troublesome than the ground ones. One of the easier things about the Mobile Operation is the fact that three NPCs arrive one-by-one and not simultaneously. After you are done protecting the VIPs, you will have to deliver the trailer to a drop-off zone at Cypress Flats.

Offshore Assets

  • Payout: Approx. $16,000
  • Requirements: 8 Resupply Missions

This Mobile Operation revolves around a downed freighter that has goodies that you and other potential parties need. In order to salvage the goodies, you are provided with an aquatic ATV that you must take to the seabed. However, as mentioned earlier, you should expect other parties to be in the area because they will be.

Cover Blown

  • Payout: Approx. $14,000
  • Requirements: 10 Resupply Missions

This simple Mobile Operation requires you to get a Mobile Operations Center to a safe place while avoiding enemy fire. As simple as that!

Mole Hunt

  • Payout: Approx. $16,500
  • Requirements: 12 Resupply Missions

This Mobile Operation basically requires you to take control of a Weaponized Tampa in order to take down a rogue agent. In order to take him down, you will have to deal with signal jammers hiding his location. After successfully dealing with the signal jammers, you should easily be able to deal with the rogue agent and complete the mission.

Data Breach

  • Payout: Approx. $14,000
  • Requirements: 14 Resupply Missions

This Mobile Operation essentially revolves around enemies in possession of Oppressors that they are using in order to transfer the stolen data. Your job is to steal the Oppressors and deliver them to your friends without them taking a whole lot of damage.

Work Dispute

  • Payout: Approx. $14,000
  • Requirements: 16 Resupply Missions

This Mobile Operation requires you deal with a rogue MOC. However, do note that while dealing with the MOC, you will have to deal with a lot of ground support so bring your A-game to the field.

Weaponized Vehicles

After completing the Mobile Operation Mission, you unlock the weaponized vehicles used in those missions. You will now be able to buy these vehicles in Warstock at a discounted price. These vehicles are listed below with their base prices but you will be able to buy them at a discounted price.

Price: $3,092,250
This is a heavily armored vehicle with a cannon mounted on the turret head. This launches swift shots of heavy explosives that deal a large amount of splash damage. It has the ability to traverse through both land and water while seating 4 passengers. It also has a porthole to use small firearms.

Price: $1,130,500
This light-vehicle can run off-roads as well. It has a machine gun mounted on the dash for use by the passenger. It has the passenger space of two, one for the driver and the other for the shooter. It can also be upgraded to hold Grenade Launcher and Proximity Mines.

Bravado Half-Track
Price: $2,254,350
This three-seated heavy vehicle can traverse on any terrain. It has the ability to plough over any peace on land and has a double-barreled machine gun mounted on its turret. It can be upgraded to hold Auto-Cannons.

Pegassi Oppressor
Price: $3,524,500
These are bikes with attached wings and jet-engine propulsion in them. They have the ability to glide in the air when you hit a huge bump and allow you to land with ease as well. They also have machine guns mounted up front which can be upgraded to hold Rocket Launcher. It can only seat one person.

Declasse Weaponized Tampa
Price: $2,108,050
This car has been heavily armored and upgraded to hold a mini-gun that is mounted on the front. Along with that, it also has the ability to be equipped with a mini-gun on the top that can be controlled by the driver. It can seat only two people and the mini-gun can be upgraded to hold Proximity Mines and Rear-Firing Mortars.

This is all we have in our GTA Online Gunrunning Mobile Operations Missions Guide with tips on how to complete the GTA Online Gunrunning Operations. If you have anything else to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!