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“With Ryzen Threadripper, AMD Took The Deliberate Choice Not To Cripple Key Desirable Features” Says AMD

AMD has been the underdog for some time now and the company did not have any modern CPUs to offer for a long time. AMD came back into the CPU market with the AMD Ryzen series of CPU and it was a great comeback indeed. One that not only the company but the consumers needed. Ryzen Threadripper CPUs were announced at Computex and here we have some new insights.

Ryzen Threadripper will be competing against the upcoming Intel X-series CPUs. There has been no confirmation regarding the release date but we know that they will be coming out sometime in the summer. Seeing how the Alienware Area 51 will be coming out that features the Ryzen Threadripper next month, it is unlikely that it will not be released for the DIY market as well.

We had some questions about Ryzen Threadripper and we thought who better to ask than AMD, so that is what we did. This interview could give you some more insights regarding the upcoming CPUs if you were interested in buying one of them. Here is our interview with AMD’s James Prior – Channel Product Manager:

Q) We know that AMD Ryzen does not play well with memory. Ryzen does not work on higher frequency memory. How will Threadripper work with memory?

AMD Ryzen offers better support for overclocked memory than comparable products in the market, due to no memory overclocking restrictions by motherboard or CPU. The AM4 platform is rapidly evolving as AMD continues the normal process of adding features, resolving issues, and improving performance in partnership with our motherboard manufacturers, with the latest beta BIOS running DDR4-3600 and higher memory kits. These efforts also benefit the AMD Ryzen Threadripper and AMD X399 platform, and we will release full details of capabilities at launch later this summer.

Q) Do you think that Intel’s announcement of CPUs with more than 10 cores was a knee-jerk reaction to AMD Threadripper?

Industry pundits certainly seem to agree that the new branding and lineup – especially pricing – is in response to AMDs Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper products. We are very pleased to see the industry assert that Ryzen is a disruptive, market-changing product that is beneficial to gamers and creators around the globe.

Q) How competitively priced will AMD Threadripper be as compared to Intel Skylake-X?

Pricing will be discussed closer to retail availability, later this summer.

Q) Some Intel motherboard partners are not supporting some specific features on the X299 platform. What kind of support can we expect from AMD motherboard partners for the X399 platform?

With Ryzen Threadripper, AMD took the deliberate choice not to cripple key desirable features like the number of PCIe lanes or memory channels. This allows for a much simpler platform ecosystem, which will drive more consistency of feature availability for all X399 products.

Q) Intel is offering 2 more cores and 4 additional threads with the top of the line Intel i9 7980XE, do you think that this could be a threat?

The definition of AMD Threadripper was very purposeful, as we consider our overall high-performance CPU approach. With up to 8 cores in socket AM4 from Ryzen, and up to 32 cores in EPYC, defining Ryzen Threadripper as a 16 core processor with quad channel memory and 64 PCIe lanes not only perfectly balances the AMD line up but also offers the right features and performance for the ultra-premium market.

Q) Do you think that by releasing AMD Threadripper in the Summer ( before higher-end Intel CPUs) AMD will have a major advantage in terms of sales?

The positive media and press reaction to AMD Ryzen has demonstrated that the market, starved for competition and innovation, is ready for AMD to enter every market and enjoy success.

Q) Any Specific reason of calling this technology ‘Threadripper’?

Purchasing a Ryzen Threadripper processor or system clearly demonstrates advanced computing needs and knowledge of how to use computing powerhouses – multi-thread scaling isn’t a buying concern, multi-thread performance is key. Ryzen Threadripper ascends beyond model numbers and becomes a purchase that defines itself as being most suited for the biggest compute workloads – and that it will rip threads to shreds.

Let us know what you think about Ryzen Threadripper and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these CPUs.