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God of War Release Set For November 2017?

God of War is a franchise that Sony can always count on to sell. Last year at E3 we saw God of War and the new direction that the franchise was headed. There has been a lot of speculation regarding when the game will be coming out and rumor has it that God of War release could be set for November 2017. It is unlikely if you ask me.

We have got no official indication that God of War release will be this year but rumors claim that we could be getting the game before the end of  2017. Sony’s E3 briefing is only a while away and we will be able to find out whether or not God of War will be coming out this year or not. If you ask me, I would say that it is unlikely that the game will come out this year.

God of War is most likely going to come out in 2018. Still, nothing is for sure and if Sony does announce God of War coming out this year then I think that it will trump all the games that we have seen so far. Sony has said that the company is not afraid of Xbox One X and we do not know what exactly that is supposed to mean.

If Sony is betting on God of War, then this is a bet that I can get behind without another thought in my mind. God of War is a very popular franchise and the new Nordic direction that the franchise is taking is very interesting indeed. Plus we will be playing as Kratos, one of the most iconic characters in gaming.

Let us know what you think about the God of War release and whether or not you think the game will be coming out by the end of 2017.