Battlefield 1 Planes and AA Get Major Buffs in New CTE Update

A new update has arrived on the Community Test Environment (CTE), which shows love for multiple Battlefield 1 planes and the anti-aircraft guns.

Going over the Attack planes; the damage of the primary machine gun of the Airship Buster variant has been increased, and the shell velocity of the Tank Hunter variant has also been increased. For the Fighter planes; the Dogfighter variant now has access to incendiary ammo to quickly cripple enemy planes, while the Bomber Killer variant gets access to repair and does increased damage to light vehicles as well.

According to the developer, the changes to the aforementioned Battlefield 1 planes will allow pilots to take advantage of better maneuverability and take out targets more quickly. In order to even out the odds, the update also increases the maximum range of anti-aircraft guns.

“Shells can travel a maximum horizontal distance of 300m, and a maximum vertical distance of 450m,” reads the patch notes. “This applies to both the stationary AA and the AA truck.”

Previously, the shells would time out after reaching maximum distance. In other words, the explosions from the shells would cover very little area at very high altitudes. Pilots would often fly out of the danger zones by simply reaching the ceiling of the map in order to make repairs. The new improvements will allow players on the ground to take out Battlefield 1 planes even if they are afar.

Posting on Reddit, a developer clarified that the change to the anti-aircraft guns only makes it better against planes at higher altitudes. It is actually worse than before against low-flying pilots.

“Spherical AA range encourages planes to stay up high, since the higher you go, the closer you can get to being directly above your target without coming into AA range,” explained DICE. “The height of the ceiling above the lowest point on the map is around 450m, which means on some maps it was possible to simply fly above the stationary AA’s reach and bomb it from there with a bomber or attack plane.

The new AA range is shorter for stationary AA as long as you fly below ~150m. For the truck it’s shorter as long as you fly below ~350m. But both types of AA can now defend their area all the way up to the ceiling at 450m.”

For those awaiting changes to the netcode, the latest CTE update slightly adjusts the regional ping limit by increasing it from 100 ms to 130 ms for North America and Europe. It will, though, be set at 200 ms elsewhere. The minor increment in the west will probably help players who see their pings fluctuate while playing. However, it will make no difference to those connecting from outside the countries.