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Remedy Entertainment’s Next Game Will Be On Xbox One And Playstation 4

Remedy Entertainment’s next game will be branching out a bit from the Quantum Break approach of being exclusively for Microsoft platforms.

It will be coming to the Playstation 4 as well, since its upcoming Northlight engine will also be compatible with the Playstation 4. However, we know pretty much nothing about the game.

Remedy’s last title, Quantum Break, was supposed to be a flagship title for the Xbox One, and so wasn’t developed with the Playstation 4 in mind.

While Quantum Break did look good, many Playstation 4 players were also upset that such a high-profile game wasn’t also part of the Playstation library.

Remedy also had another Xbox-exclusive title with Alan Wake, which told the story of the eponymous writer as he fights eldritch forces to rescue his wife in the mysterious little mountain town of Cauldron Lake.

That game also did not have a Playstation 3 port despite also being available on the PC.

However, it would appear that whatever it is, Remedy Entertainment’s next title will be accessible on every console. According to a statement from the studio, Remedy’s mission is to allow a wider range of releases on multiple different platforms.

Hence, the Northlight engine, which is being worked on to run on multiple other platforms.

However, despite this announcement, we still have no real idea of exactly what Remedy Entertainment’s next game will be. Remedy’s stuff has gotten rather odd in the past few years, with Alan Wake’s Lovecraft-style action horror and Quantum Break’s time travel shenanigans.

Whatever it is, knowing Remedy it will likely involve gunplay, bullet-time, and a story that gets deeper as you progress in the game.

Either way, hopefully Remedy Entertainment’s next game will be announced soon (possibly at this year’s E3) so that Playstation 4 owners can see what they’ve been missing in Alan Wake and Quantum Break.