Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cheats, Secrets and Exploits – Infinite Arrows, Power Rafts, Amiibo Cheats, Infinite Money

Like every other game, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is also filled with numerous cheats and exploits for those looking for a bit of a shortcut and reduce the time required to grind through some sections of the game.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cheats and Secrets guide will help players by listing down all the known cheats, secrets and exploits to help players earn easy money, bypass difficult puzzles and more.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Cheats and Secrets

These cheats and exploits range from infinite items to easy earning rupees to exploiting the Amiibo system.

Snowball Bowling
This exploit lets players earn money quite easily. All they need to do is head to Pondo’s Lodge, northeast of Hebra Tower and speak to Pondo to start the mini-game. Entry fee for the game is 20 Rupees and if players knock over all the pins, they get 300 Rupees as reward.

Once the game starts, Pondo will move to a different position and players need to align themselves with his position. After players have successfully positioned themselves, they can start bowling and earn a lot of money in no time.

Infinite Arrows
Players need to travel to any of the large fields in the game such as Hyrule Ridge, Hebra Snowfields or Faron Grasslands to look for Bokoblins on horseback.

Players need to approach these enemies and the instant they are alerted, players should pan the camera until it is looking top down at Link like an isometric game. As long as the camera is positioned this way, all the arrows which the Bokoblins fire will not hit Link and simply land on the ground around him.

Only 10 arrows can be on the ground at a time so once players see that the enemies have fired a decent amount of arrows, they can start collecting them while more arrows continue to land around them. This exploit will let players gather up to 999 Arrows which is the inventory limit in the game.

Power Rafts with the Magnesis Rune
Korof Leaf is required to fill the sails of a raft before players can ride on it. However, that can be easily bypassed with the help of the Magnesis Rune. Players need to find a raft, drop a metal object on the ground and then use the Magnesis Rune to pick up and push the metal object into the raft’s sail. The momentum will result in pushing the raft forward so it can easily move over water.

Cooking During Blood Moon
As mentioned in our Blood Moon guide, after 11.30pm there is a 100% chance that players will get a critical success when cooking something during a Blood Moon. This is the best time to make up lots of food which can benefit players in the future by offering special effects including extra hearts and stamina.

Infinite Money
This cheat requires players to have access to Lurelin Village where they will find an NPC named Cloyne. He offers a minigame where players can spend 100 Rupees to play, find the right chest and then receive 200 Rupees as reward. This can be exploited to get infinite money by loading previous saves.

Amiibo Cheat
Amiibos can be used once per day to get free items, depending on which Amiibo was used. However, this can be bypassed by moving the console’s clock a day forward after scanning the Amiibo to complete the 24 hour period and scan the Amiibo once again. This can lead to an infinite amount of loot from simply scanning the Amiibo toys.

Why fight enemies when you can have other enemies fight them for you? That is where the Cuccos in Breath of the Wild come in. These aggressive chickens will dive bomb Link if players attack too many of them and this can be used to the player’s advantage.

Simply grab a Cucco and then throw it at an enemy. The enemy will get startled and attack the Cucco which will result in both of them, and possibly more Cuccos fighting each other.

This is all we currently have on Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Cheats and Secrets Guide but if you would like to add more, comment below.