New Nioh Update 1.06 Adds New Features, The Ability To Pause, And More

A new Nioh update has been released today by Koei-Tecmo, adding a few new features to the game. These include, among other things, new side missions, along with the ability to actually pause the game. New titles and smithing texts have also been added, along with the myriad improvements to other parts of the game.

In order to do such things as play the new missions, you’ll have to have already beaten the game, meaning that these missions aren’t going to be pushovers and will likely require end-game equipment to beat.

These new missions will give you the new titles that are also being added in the new Nioh update. Other additional missions also allow you to get the new smithable texts.

When it comes to various improvements and adjustments that are coming in the new update, there are a wide variety of quality-of-life improvements. These include the ability to pause the game via hitting the options button. However, you can only do this in single-player.

If you’re playing the game with a friend, you won’t be able to pause the game.

Other improvements include the ability to carry 9999 blacksmithing materials, and you can now skip through various items with the use of the left and right buttons. on the equip screen.

The new Nioh update also adds a number of new options to the game’s options menu. You can now toggle the “Reset Camera” option (meaning if you try to target an enemy and there isn’t one the camera would re-center on your character), toggle the display function for an item level in the equipment list, and change color patterns for each rarity level of equipment.

There will be ten new missions coming in the new Nioh update, so if you’ve beaten the game and completed all the missions you can go in and look at them all for yourself.