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Mass Effect Andromeda Guide to Craft and Upgrade Weapons, Armor

Crafting in Mass Effect Andromeda is divided into Research and Development. The R&D terminal on the Tempest can also be used to upgrade weapons and armor in the game, making the better suited for difficult combat encounters.

Mass Effect Andromeda upgrade guide will help players boost their armor, weapons and other useful equipment that is utilized in the field for better survivability and performance.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Upgrade

Once players get access to the Tempest, they can talk to Liam who will explain the Research and Development Terminal as well as tips on how to use the feature. The upgrade system features three distinct technologies: Milky Way, Helius and Remnant.

The terminal uses Research Points for upgrade and development and players can get these points by scanning the technologies or anomalies related to either of the three technology trees. Once players have enough Research Data or points, they can use it to learn blueprints of new gear and weapons or learn upgrades of existing gear.

After getting the desired blueprints, players need to switch to the Development section of the terminal in order to craft new gear or upgrade their already available equipment for better survival in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda crafting/development portion is divided into Weapons, Armors and Augmentations. Since resources aren’t very easy to come by especially in early game, players should be really careful when crafting something new or upgrading their current gear to better tailor their play style.