Nier Automata Infinite EXP Farming Guide – How to Level Up Fast, Quick Leveling Tips

Nier Automata infinite EXP Farming Guide will help you level up fast and reach level 99 in the game. The system is simple, you earn EXP and get your character to raise its level.

Following Nier Automata Infinite EXP Farming Guide features tips to help you farm infinite EXP in the game. Keep in mind that the following steps work well for those beyond level 50.

Nier Automata Infinite EXP Farming Guide

The first thing you need to do is fill your plugin chips with EXP to make this process faster for yourself. Once that is done, during 9S’s story go to the amusement park. If you are too far ahead into the story you will need to complete the game in order to get chapter select option.

Once in the amusement park you need to hack the larger robot in the Square and use it to attack other robots in the location. Keep in mind that there are two types of robots in Nier Automata – hostile and friendly. When you hack a robot it will explode if it’s hostile. However, it will stand by your side if it is friendly and hacked.

You need to kill all of the robots in the area to lock onto the golden robot. Once locked onto it, hack it, this will give you a decent amount of EXP and more when you kill it. Head to the transporter and save your game, reload the game and the enemies will respawn, repeat the process of hacking and killing to earn EXP.

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