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Capcom Registers Another Deep Down Trademark, Will This Game Ever Release?

Back in 2013, Capcom announced an upcoming PS4 free to play dungeon-crawler called Deep Down. After the announcement was made, things got pretty quiet but there have been multiple renewals of the first trademark. However, Capcom hasn’t succeeded in meeting the deadlines related to the ownership of that logo, so they had to register a new Deep Down trademark.

Will Deep Down release? Maybe. A new Deep Down trademark could mean that the team is still working on this game.

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Even if Deep Down is far from its launch, it’s scheduled to release for PS4 only. This choice was explained by a Capcom PR, who has stated that it is only coming to Sony’s platform because they approached the developers first with their dev kit.

A lot of people initially thought that Deep Down will be a medieval RPG, but according to developers that’s not the case. They have stated that this game is set in the future in 2094, but players will be taken back into the tame when touching some magical artifacts.

Also, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono talked about the development status, saying that Deep Down will still release:

We know that development is taking time, but it doesn’t mean the game’s release status is in jeopardy, far from it. We can ensure that it will come out. Eventually, we’ll be able to find our groove and then from there, development will progress at breakneck speed.

Deep Down is an RPG game by Capcom that is scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4. No release date at the moment.