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Rumors Say Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City Remake Coming Soon

Rumors have started to spread saying that a Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City remake is in the works, according to an added security certificate to the American ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board). While there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet, a remastered compilation like this could be interesting.

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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is a compilation of all three stories from Grand Theft Auto 4, including Grand Theft Auto 4, Grand Theft Auto 4: Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and the Damned.

A Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City remake would allow Rockstar to remaster the game graphically, bringing it up to modern standards (though the engine would likely remain the same).

Grand Theft Auto 4 tells the story of immigrant Niko Bellic, who must make his name as a gangster in Liberty City. The compilation’s other two stories focus around the biker Johnny (who you might remember as the biker that got his head caved in by Trevor early in Grand Theft Auto 5) and Luis Fernando Lopez, who works for the titular “Gay Tony”.

Johnny must try and make his way up to leading the Lost and the Damned biker gang, while Luis must attempt to find out who his friends are in a world of shifting loyalties, where everyone has a price.

If there is indeed a Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City remake, it could bring back one of the most popular Grand Theft Auto games into the mainstream. Grand Theft Auto 4 also had a multiplayer component, having numerous game types like Cops and Crooks, Wanted, Witness Protection, and more that had a wide variety of gameplay types.

There’s no telling when (or if) Rockstar will announce something like this, so in the meantime we’ll just have to wait and see if the remake is actually coming out.