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Horizon Zero Dawn 20 Minutes Open World Gameplay

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming PlayStation exclusive that I am looking forward to playing and here we have a 20-minute clip of what it is the open world like. Horizon Zero Dawn is very beautiful, to say the least and the open world is very immersive. The open world is such that there is something happening all the time and you will not find yourself bored at any part of the game. At least that is what I see in the gameplay footage and you may have other views of your own.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy, the main character of the game seems very realistic and life-like, much like the other characters that you come by in the game and interact with. There is much to explore in this world that has been taken over by machines and these pose great threats. As seen in this video there are ways of killing these machines quickly as they do have weaknesses.

Plus if you want to get to some place quickly and do not feel like walking then you can choose to override these machines and bend them to your will, so to say. Another thing to notice here is that the bow is not the only weapon that you can use in the game. While I do love archery, you can use spears and other weapons that can be crafted and upgraded in the game.

When you defeat machines you can gather materials which can then be used to craft items and upgrades in the game. This is not something new, but looking at the unique concept that the game offers, it is very interesting indeed. Weapons can also be customized and modified for better use.

You can also choose different armor and aloy can even learn different skills in Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn is a must play game of 2017. Let us know if you are as excited about Horizon Zero Dawn as we are.