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New Apple MacBook laptop Hinge, Patent Found, Upcoming Torsion Bar?

The current Apple MacBook Pro has been very controversial ever since it was launched. Apple has removed all the ports and replaced them with “the future” which is not here yet and that has got some people very upset. And when I say some I mean most. People now rely on dongles to connect their devices to the Apple MacBook. But we did get the new touch bar, which needs you to rewire your brain but I am sure there are some people that appreciate it.

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One of the things that the Apple MacBook is known for is the fact that it can be opened with one hand very easily. Apple tends to be very touchy and conscious about such things. Well, now it seems that it might even get easier.

An Apple patent concerning the Apple MacBook hinge has been found and the patent shows that it is possible that the upcoming Apple MacBook could feature a torsion hinge. Which is a spring in the form of a bar.

Apple MacBook

You should take this information with a grain of salt because even if this patent is legit, Apple is a huge company and god knows how many patents they have. That does not mean that whatever they patent comes out for consumers to use. Only time will tell whether or not this come out or not and we will have to wait and see.

Apple MacBook

The idea behind the torsion bar is to make is easier for the user to open the laptop and set the display according to his or her needs. This may make the process effortless like what we have seen with the screen on the Surface Studio. That was something pretty cool. We might see that kind of tech on the upcoming Apple MacBook.

What do you think about this Apple Patent?