For Honor Release Draws Near As Game Goes Gold; Events and Multiplayer

The For Honor release is drawing ever-closer as Ubisoft has announced that the game has gone gold, meaning that it’s finished developing and only has a final few last-minute changes and adjustments to do before finally releasing on February 14, so you and your significant other can kill each other and other enemies.

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In addition to news of the now-inevitable For Honor release, Ubisoft has also announced details about two parts of the game in the form of Twitch Events that will show off the Faction Wars multiplayer mode that players will be able to experience across multiple platforms. In the Twitch event, a select number of streamers and gamers will be selected to join one of the three factions to take part in the Faction Wars.

The Faction Wars event is a team-based multiplayer game mode where players join one of the three factions (the knights, the samurai, and the Vikings) and fight for supremacy over the world of For Honor. Victories will expand the territories of factions, and the players of all factions at the end of the war will get unique goodies, and the victorious faction will get even more special stuff.

Twitch Prime members will also be getting special rewards when the For Honor release actually happens, starting February 14. Twitch Prime members will get a 10-day period of Champion status, allowing you to get XP boosts to share with your friends. These boosts will help you to get more XP from crafting, more loot at the end of matches, and a special emblem.

If you’re one of the members of the Closed Beta (which begins January 26), you will also be able to try out the Nobushi, a member of the Samurai faction that is a mix of the Vanguard and Assassin hero types. If you want to sign up for the For Honor beta, all you have to do is go to the official For Honor website and sign up for the beta.