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ARK: Survival Evolved Update Released On PS4 With Better Performance

Ark: Survival Evolved was recently released on PS4, after a long wait. This game is available in the form of Ark Survivor’s Pack, including the Scorched Earth DLC, that can be purchased for $49,99. Otherwise the standard version can be yours for $34.99. Also a new ARK: Survival Evolved update has been released on PS4, improving performance and frame-rate of this game.

You can read the full changelog below.

ARK: Survival Evolved Update v502.0

  • Holiday Content
  • Vsync On/Off/Adaptive Options for increased frame-rate
  • Memory savings of over 300MB! Consequent stability improvements.
  • Fixed memory leak with viewing Explorer Notes.
  • Performance increase of approximately 7% due to use of new PhysX libraries
  • Various invite & crash fixes
  • Content up thru PC v252.0

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However, Snail Games has announced that ARK Park will be available for VR devices in 2017.

In this game, players will live the ARK experience in a brand new way, riding dinosaurs and collecting gems to learn information about the species and feed them. What’s better than ARK in VR?

Visitors to ARK Park will be able to head out on Excursions into the lush biomes to explore and witness dinosaurs up close. At various points during the Excursions, visitors will be on-foot, riding dinosaurs, or riding vehicles. While on these Excursions, visitors will be able to participate in Gene collection of these fantastic creatures. Through crafting of ARK tools, lures, and weapons, visitors may collect Gene Cubes from the many dinosaurs and extinct creatures throughout the habitat, including more than 100 unique species.

However, collecting all of the ARK creatures can be challenging due to the reclusive habits of particular dinosaurs. Determined visitors will need to use a combination of puzzle-solving logic, action skills, exploration and careful resource management to bag the most prized animals. For visitors who would rather capture memories, ARK Park will also include a Snap mode where you can photograph these wondrous creatures for extra points! Capture images of your friends in precarious moments in multiplayer Excursions, or use your ARK Park selfie stick to record your own solo adventures for bonus points.

Here you can find the teaser trailer for ARK Park.