New Avalanche Studios Game Announced: The Hunter Call Of The Wild

A brand new Avalanche Studios game has been announced, entitled The Hunter: Call of the Wild. The game will be the most recent offering from the Just Cause developer, and will be very different in setup: Instead of an international agent causing chaos and bringing down dictators, players will just be hunting.

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Hunting games are one of those kinds of genres that are a very niche sort of genre, allowing players that enjoy hunting but can’t do it because the season hasn’t started to log onto their consoles and go into the wilderness to hunt deer and other such animals. According to the studio, however, the new Avalanche Studios game will be one of the most realistic hunting games around when it’s released.

To start out with, players will be given around a roughly 50-square miles of wilderness to explore, more than enough for you to be able to hunt as much as you want in that large of an area. These 50 square miles will also be packed with animals with advanced AI, along with plenty of weapons for you to make use of.

In addition to all of that, the game will have an expansive single player mode (likely not a story mode since you’re just hunting, for once) but will also have a large multiplayer mode as well, where you and seven of your friends can go into the woods together and hunt, either helping one another out or competing against each other.

Even though it’s not close to release yet, the new Avalanche Studios game has already gotten its PC requirements put up on Steam, along with a trailer that says the game will be coming out in Spring of next year, just in time for the actual hunting season to start.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild will be available exclusively for PC.