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Rumor: Monolith Soft Is Not Working On Xenoblade Chronicles X For Nintendo Switch, They Are Developing Something New

Another day and more rumors about Nintendo Switch. It seems that until the console is released we will be hearing a lot of leaks and rumors. This time another leak has made its way to the internet that suggests Xenoblade Chronicles X port for Nintendo Switch is not being handled by Monolith Soft.

The rumor comes from the Twitter user Laura Kate Dale, who also writes for LetsPlayVideoGames. She posted on her Twitter account that Xenoblade Chronicles X is not being ported by Monolith Soft to Nintendo Switch and the studio is working on something new entirely.

She further added that the port is being handled by another studio but did not reveal which one.

Speaking of rumors and leaks, recently a lot of details about Nintendo Switch leaked on the internet. According to the leak, Mario 3D, Mario Rabbids RPG, Skyrim, Splatoon Port and Just Dance 2017 are going to be the launch title for the console.

Also, Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild will be available for the console within the first six months after the console’s launch and TellTale Guardians Of The Galaxy will launch very near to the console’s launch which will feature weekly episodes until the movie’s launch.

During a recent Gamestop’s earnings briefing, CEO Paul Raines revealed that he played the console a few weeks ago and believes that this console can be a game changer for Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch, which I played at Nintendo a few weeks ago–we believe could be another game-changer that will expand the audience for gaming.

Nintendo Switch is scheduled to launch in March 2017 but no specific date or price has been announced for the console.