Report: Nintendo Switch Can Be Charged on the Go and May Come with a Stylus

Nintendo Switch is releasing in March 2017, according to Nintendo, and the company won’t share more details about the device until January 2017. However, we looked at the trailer recently and may have figured out a few hidden details.

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Our findings suggest that Nintendo Switch may feature a stylus. Moreover, it can most certainly be charged on the go. Below is an image from the trailer, the airport scene, shows that the male actor is using a cable to presumably charge the device.

Nintendo Switch

Rumor has it that Nintendo Switch is using a USB Type-C port, the rumor spurs from the fact that there is an oval USB slot underneath the device. Those are unconfirmed reports but they have credibility to them. Anyways, we can see the there is a USB cable attached to the bottom of the device for charging.

The footage also indicates the addition of a Stylus for Nintendo Switch. The slot you see in the image used as the featured image above, shows what appears to be a Stylus slot.

Of course, this is just speculation but adding a Stylus would make sense for features like drawing, painting, games like Art Academy, using touch-screen features etc.

On a related note, we are hearing that Nintendo Switch is using 4GB of RAM. 4GB of RAM should be enough for a handheld device like Switch. But as games progress, RAM limitations may affect performance in large scale titles.

Nintendo is partnering with major third parties for Switch games. No third party games have been confirmed yet even though we saw The Elder Scrolls, and NBA 2K17 during the reveal footage. The video we saw featured prototype hardware and players acted as if they are playing a game.

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