Mafia 3 Underbosses Guide – Best Districts to Assign, Asset and Associate Unlocks, Upgrades

By   /   Oct 10, 2016
Mafia 3 Underbosses Guide

Mafia 3 comes with three underbosses that will be under your command. Each boss comes with its own perks and unlocks. The three Mafia 3 underbosses are Cassandra, the leader of the Haitian gang; Thomas Burke, a member of the Irish mob; and Vito Scaletta, the protagonist from Mafia II.

Clay alone can not manage the entire city by himself and will need the help of these three personalities. Each will ask you for different favors and assign missions to you. Manage them carefully to get the most out of them or they will turn you in if neglected.

For more help on Mafia 3, read out our Cassandra Side Missions Guide, Burke Side Missions Guide, and Vito Side Missions Guide.

You will need to assign districts to each underboss. Here are our recommendations for the best districts for all three under bosses.

Mafia 3 Underboss Guide

Thomas Burke

Clay is not the only one betrayed by the Marcano family. Thomas Burke, an Irish-Mobster, once worked for the Marcano Family before they tried to kill him and took everything he had. However, Burke survived and has now joined Clay.

You know what they say, “the enemy of my enemy is a friend.” Here are the best districts for Thomas Burke.

French Ward
The area is full of sex rackets, clubs, and alcohol; and Burke has special expertise in handling all three. French Ward is best suited for Burke.

Frisco Fields
Burke is the only one who can take “Southern Union” head on and keep this district under Clay.

Tickfaw Harbor
Burke has experience controlling the harbor from during his time with Sal Marcano, so who better than Burke for Tickfaw Harbor?

Pointe Verdun
This is where the man himself grew up so it wouldn’t be hard for him to control the area and run a tight ship.

Associates and Perks

Each Underboss has three associates working for them. Each will come in handy once you reach a certain level in the game.

1: Bomb Expert Terry Daly

2: Car Thief Hank McGahee

3: Police Insider Fiona Davidson

  • Call in a car from your collection – 0$
  • Cops will ignore your crimes for 30 seconds – 30K
  • Mark police cars on radar – 60K
  • Explosives unlock at Arms Dealer – 100K
  • Cops will ignore your crimes for 2 min – 140K
  • Steal cars undetected – 180K
  • All cops ignore your crimes for 2 min – 220K
  • Expand explosive inventory – 280K
  • All cops ignore your crimes for 5 min – 320K
  • Steal occupied cars without commotion – 370K

Vito Scaletta

Who doesn’t know Vito? He was the lead character in Mafia II, a ruthless killer and a brilliant crime lord.

Vito has expertise in getting the job done while avoiding bloodshed as much as possible. He is a master of white collar crime, bribery and blackmail. Downtown, New Bordeaux, is where he should be.

River Row
Vito is another victim of Sal Marcano but during his time of the Marcano Family, he severed in River Row. He knows the area and should be in charge of it under Clay.

The area is heavily controlled by the Mafia and only a true businessman and negotiator can survive here. Vito should be your point man for this one.

Associates and Perks
1: Doctor Gianni Bruno

2: Scout Betty Johnson

3: Hired Thug/Bodyguard Bobby Navarro

  • Same time and hire a courier to deposit money – 0
  • Call in armed backup – 30K
  • Max HP upgrade – 60K
  • Adrenaline storage upgrade -100K
  • Reveal enemy locations and collect racket money – 140K
  • HP regeneration upgrade – 180K
  • Call in heavily-armed backup to your location – 220K
  • Max HP upgrade – 270K
  • Adrenaline shots will heal full HP – 320K
  • Call an elite four-man kill squad to your location – 370K
  • Max HP upgrade – 420K


Also known as the Voodoo Queen, she partnered with Clay after he killed her former boss. She is a little short tempered and may turn you in before anyone else does so keep her under control and assign her districts that suit her strengths.

Bayou Fantom
If you are playing Mafia 3 and have met Cassandra, you will know that Bayou Fantom is the area she prefers working in. Under her ex boss who was killed by Clay, she used to bring weapons through this area into the city. She is the perfect fit for Bayou Fantom.

Delray Hollow
Delray Hollow is the perfect place for Cassandra, her skills and experience of smuggling weapons will come in handy when handling human trafficking and drugs.

Barclay Mills
Cassandra can build this district without much outside interference. The area isn’t tightly controlled by others so it is an easy take for Clay and Cassandra.

Associates and Perks
1: Gunsmith Jean-Baptiste

2: Switchboard operator Jennifer Moran

3: Arms Dealer – Jackie DuVernay

  • Mobile arms dealer – 0
  • Screaming Zemi – 30K
  • Gun accuracy upgrade – 60K
  • Shut down all phones for 5 min – 100K
  • Increased ammo capacity – 140K
  • Screaming Zemi Smoke Bomb – 180K
  • Improved stability of weapon – 220K
  • Shut down all phones for 10 min – 270K
  • Screaming Zemi exploding ability – 320K
  • Quick reload upgrade – 370K
  • Shut down all phones in the area and call for backup – 420K

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