Celebrate Halloween With The Overwatch Halloween Loot Boxes

We are getting closer to Halloween and Blizzard wants to celebrate it the right way, as some fans shared a pic (taken from the Xbox Store) showing the Overwatch Halloween Loot Boxes.

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The image talks itself, every Loot Box contains up to four cosmetic items including at least one Halloween skin, spray, highlight intro, emote, victory pose, player icon, voice line, or credits that can be used to unlock more items.

Basically in the Overwatch Halloween Loot Boxes you’ll find everything you need to make this shooter game a “terrific” one.

But there’s a very interesting clue hidden in this image. If you look at it closely, you’ll see a purple sweet logo behind the skull. Well, it seems this logo is related to a new character called Sombra who’s making its way to the game.

However, Overwatch’s developer Jeff Kaplan has been recently interviewed by Destructiod and he talked about new features that’ll be added to the game.

He began talking about Symmetra. She’s a support character and many people find her useless. So Blizzard wanted to give Symmetra one more chance and to do so, some adjustments will be done to her chore mechanics.

After that, Kaplan claimed that new characters will be added to Overwatch, as Sombra may be one of them. New maps are also coming to the game, with some of them eventually bringing brand new modes.

The rest of the interview is in a video we posted and if you are interested, you can check this stuff here.

So at the moment we are talking specific information aren’t known about what could be the next move by Blizzard. We suggest you then to stay-tuned and follow our amazing stories to know more details in the future.

Overwatch is currently out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PCs.