Will Destiny 2 PC Version Be Coming Out? Inside Source Says Yes

A NeoGAF topic started by someone named benny_a that’s apparently connected to an inside source at Activision says that we may be seeing a Destiny 2 PC version when the sequel to the 2014 first-person shooter comes out in the near future. The source, who claimed that he saw another Activision employee’s laptop on a plane, has a number of bits of information on it.

Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios would be helping with the PC port, and Destiny 2 would feel like a completely new game, rather than a continuation of the current Destiny because it felt “too much like an expansion”.

However, we really have no idea if anything from the “source” is legitimate. Destiny originally launched back in 2014 with no plans for a PC port (though it wasn’t out of the question), and considering that if players on the PC port get involved with Destiny 2 will be coming after at least three years, they’ll be way behind. Thousands of other players in the game will be far ahead of them in terms of gear, unless a rebalancing makes everyone fairly equal around this point.

A Destiny 2 PC version would, however, bring a hitherto untapped audience into the game, including a large number of people that play first-person shooters on their PCs, trusting the higher framerate and better control a mouse gives to give them an edge in places like the Crucible.

Considering that Activision wanted Destiny to have a 10-year presence in gaming (with Bungie releasing four expansions in the span of two years), putting Destiny on the PC would allow the game to have even more of a presence, and bring in more revenue. However, the possibility of greater hacking and datamining might taint the multiplayer experience for others.

Whether the NeoGAF poster’s source turns out to be correct, a Destiny 2 PC version would still be a long way off, especially since we haven’t even gotten a possible release date for Destiny 2 yet (though Activision has said it’s on course for a 2017 release).