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More Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Leaked, Alolan Raichu and More

A number of new Pokemon have been leaked through the Pokemon Sun and Moon update that was supposed to be releasing on Thursday. These include both Pokemon that are native to the Alola Region, such as Wishiwashi, Morelull, and Pyukumuku, and a few new Alola Form Pokemon such as Raichu, Meowth, and Marowak.

To start off with, we have three new Alola Pokemon in the Pokemon Sun and Moon update. First up we have the fish Pokemon Wishiwashi, who looks so adorably sad it’s pathetic in its art. Its special ability, Schooling, actually allows it to turn into a “School Form,” where a number of other Wishiwashi join up with it to form into a much larger and stronger Wishiwashi. We have no idea how that will work, though.

Next there’s Morelull, a Grass/Fairy Type that takes the form of a bunch of mushrooms. It also has two different special abilities: Illuminate, and Effect Spore. Illuminate has the ability to increase your chances of meeting wild Pokemon, while Effect Spore has a chance to give an attacking Pokemon a status effect like paralysis, poison, or sleeping.

Next is Pyukumuku, another Water-type with an ability called “Innards Out”. Innards Out is a new ability that became available just this generation, so we have no idea of what Innards Out actually does.

As for other, existing Pokemon, we’ve got three new Alola Forms. First up is Raichu. Unlike Raichu from other regions, Alola Raichu is softer and rounder-looking. It also uses its tail as a surfboard. Alola Raichu is also an electric-psychic type, and its Surge Surfer ability is also something new.

Alola Meowth turns Dark, and Alola Marowak becomes a Fire/Ghost Type Pokemon, as opposed to the Normal and Ground types that they used to be.

We’ll just have to keep waiting until November to see more of Sun and Moon’s Pokemon, but maybe the Pokemon Sun and Moon update will have some stuff that we haven’t seen in this leak yet.