Infinite Warfare Scorestreaks Leaked By Tester After Multiplayer Meeting

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare scorestreaks might have just been leaked according to this reddit thread. According to the thread, a game tester at Infinity Ward leaked the Infinite Warfare scorestreaks which were shown to him at a private press conference.

Developers Infinity Ward have talked a lot about the Campaign of their upcoming Call of Duty game but there has been no information regarding the multiplayer aspect of the game until now.

According to the game tester, even they were surprised when multiplayer gameplay and information was suddenly talked about during the conference after some more insight into the Campaign and Zombie mode. There was however no gameplay footage shown.

Infinite Warfare scorestreaks system will once again be different than the killstreak system of old games. Any score players acquire in the game will go towards their scorestreak count. The game will also mark the return of Strike Packages seen previously in Modern Warfare 3.

The three main strike packages; Assault, Specialist and Support will be making a return with their own unique abilities as well as a new Mystery Strike Package. No detail was shared regarding this new addition.

Just like in Modern Warfare 3, players with Assault package will lose their scorestreak progress upon death and the package is focused on offensive abilities. Specialists will also lose their progress on death and their abilities will provide players with extra perks besides the ones they have on their class.

The support package will allow players to retain their scorestreak progress even after death however all their abilities will be non-lethal ones.

The Pick 13 system from some of the recent games will also be making a return allowing users to fully customize every part of their class within the 13 slot limit. Players can even add additional killstreaks besides the 3 they have by default.

Some of the scorestreaks talked about during the conference included SpySat (UAV), Orbital Drop, Rocket Strike, Ballistic Vests and Satellite Hack. Specialist users will be selecting perks instead of these abilities whenever they reach the required score while reaching 1000 score will grant access to all the perks.