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Should Nintendo Drop Its Console Business In Favor of Publishing/Development for Other Platforms?

Nintendo is one of the oldests companies in the gaming industry. Its games have a legacy like no other franchise and same is the case with its consoles.

Its games managed to maintain dominance in the gaming market but somewhere down the line its machines lost their edge. The company is still a dominant force in the handheld market but consoles are a different story. Although Wii was a major success, Wii U caused significant damage to their business and reputation among development community.

We wish Nintendo NX all the luck in the world but its success is now highly dependent on third party support. Publishers who left Nintendo after Wii U would like to have their faith restored. And of course, it won’t be easy. Even if the company makes a comeback in the console market, is it worth it? Wouldn’t it be feasible for it to just drop consoles completely?

Should Nintendo Drop Its Hardware Business?

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company released Pokemon Go on mobile platforms. If I am not wrong this is probably the first major Nintendo game to release for mobile. The title broke records across the globe and the company is making money hand over first.

In fact, recent stats show that Nintendo is now worth more than Sony. Our Senior Editor Sarmad Lillah reported earlier:

Pokemon Go has ushered them in the best growth phase since the NES era and according to the latest reports, their shares have gone up by 86%, $17 billion in market value. But they didn’t stop at that.

Looking at the current market capitalization of Nintendo, they are standing at $40 billion, all thanks to the gigantic increases in share value. And in doing so, they have achieved yet another feat: Nintendo is now valued higher than Sony!

If one game can do so much for Nintendo imagine what games like Mario, Zelda, and of course Pokemon can do on third party platforms. Nintendo games need more exposure for the company to make a decent profit. Unfortunately, Nintendo consoles fail to give them enough exposure.

Obviously they have a massive audience but that still doesn’t do justice to demand as a better part of the community want to play Nintendo games but prefer buying other PlayStation, Xbox, and PC for a number of different reasons. Giving players the option to play their games on the platform of the player’s choice should seriously be considered.

The company should consider dropping out of console business. Publishing games across PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and mobile devices can potentially make it the biggest publisher in the world. Pokemon Go’s success on mobile should encourage Nintendo to bring its games to more platforms.

Nintendo is good at making games that is exactly what it should do. The world is waiting to play all things Nintendo!

What do you think? Should the Japanese console maker consider dropping out of console market and focus on making games for other platforms?