Dead Rising 4: 14 Minutes of Monster Slaying

Dead Rising 4 is official now but it leaked way ahead of E3. The situation spoiled the surprise but the good news is that Dead Rising 4 looks spectacular.

Those disappointed over how mediocre Dead Rising 3 was should feel excited for the series return to form. Frank is back with more mayhem and zombie slaying in Dead Rising, join the conversation on Twitter with #FrankisBack.

Judging by the footage, the new Dead Rising game feels bigger, better, and more bloodier than ever. The game is set in Willamette, Colorado, during a zombie apocalypse.

The lead character will wield the most craziest of weapons including an electrified battleaxe.

Dead Rising 4 will hit Xbox One and PC. Keep in mind that players will be able to get their hands on one of these versions for free. Microsoft has introduced a pay once and play across all platforms policy.

Get the Xbox One version and Windows PC copy will be available to you for free. Same is the case if you pay for the PC version, the Xbox One copy will be available for free.

In Dead Rising 4,  zombie slayers will team up with friends in four-player cooperative play to complete missions or just have fun slicing the brains out of everything.

Dead Rising 4 is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 this Fall. More about the game will be shared in the coming months.