Microsoft Files New Games Software Trademark

Christmas may be on everybody’s minds at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that all work has stopped. It looks like Microsoft may be working on something new, though little is known about it.

DualShockers are reporting that Microsoft have registered a new patent for something called “Fragments”. The filing of the patent can be viewed here as well as seen below. As this is a Microsoft patent though chances are it may not even be about a game at all, though as it is a Class 9 patent this does suggest that it is game software, Class 41 is also used for games, but for online game software.


What this gives us though is something to speculate about. If it is a new game, then is it a new IP? Looking at the filing itself, all we really have is the word Fragments. This could be used within a game itself or could be also used as a game name.

What could a game by the name of Fragments be? The chances are anything from a puzzle game, platformer or first person shooter. We’ll have to wait and see for Microsoft to reveal more information, though it is doubtful that we’ll be seeing any news yet.

Most Xbox One owners will be no doubt wanting a new IP from Microsoft, which could lead to another Xbox exclusive. With Microsoft gaining strength in this area it is obviously something they will continue to build on in the future.

What would you like Fragments to be? Add to the speculation in the comments section below.