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The Division Could Get Some Big Reveal on December 17 According to Ubisoft’s Tease

Tom Clancy’s The Division has had a heavily stretched development phase, and is finally expected to arrive on March 8 next year. Many folks have been a tad bit skeptical that the game may not meet the expectations.

Ubisoft wants to keep the hype alive. In a tweet sent out by Ubisoft Belgium, the firm teased some kind of reveal for the game on December 17.

The tweet is accompanied by a brief clip 20 second clip, at the end of which is a glimpse of text that reads ‘Silent Night’ and ‘December 17 on’

The stated site has been used to reveal small bits of information and news about The Division, but this is the first time Ubisoft is actually promoting it for what seems like either a major reveal or some kind of news that is going to surprise us all.

Keep a reminder for tomorrow if you’re one of the folks closely following Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The Division recently had a closed alpha test on Xbox One under NDA restrictions. The game is currently set to release in March for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.