Xbox Live is Down on Xbox One, Social and Gaming Services Affected

Xbox Live users are reporting issues with the service on Xbox One. Players aren’t able to connect and play online games on their consoles.

A quick look at the Xbox status page shows that the network is indeed having issues:

Xbox Live

As you can see, In-game matchmaking, cloud storage, finding friends, Game DVR, leaderboards, avatar editing, or pictures are the among the affected aspects of the service. Players are also reporting that downloaded games aren’t launching at all.

This isn’t a good indication as the Christmas season is closing in and holidays are about to begin. People will get off work and want to play their favorite games online. Hopefully, Microsoft won’t let the Xbox Live go down this Christmas and what we are seeing today is just a minor hiccup; although there are threats of another DDoS attack this Christmas.

On the other hand, issues with Social and Gaming aren’t reported on Xbox 360. However, Tv, Music and Video services are down for the platform.

Status page mentions issues with Live TV; Groove or Movies & TV video store, including browsing, purchasing, downloading, and streaming on Xbox Live.

Good news is that Microsoft knows about these issues and is working on fixing them as soon as it can. We’ll let you know if any update is shared by the company.

How are things on your side? Are you having the same problems? Let us know in the comments below.